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The Legacy: the day it all changed - debut album...



You can say that Phlo is just another number in the sea of artists. But the truth is he is significantly unique and stand out as a distant star shining bright in the midst of his contemporaries. Though they may seemingly look all the same they do not shine all the same.

Phlo has been droppin the bomb of good news on folks for some years now. He is not a novice at this thing. He has performed and ministered at various places: from cruise ships to mega churches, from jail houses to night clubs! By the time Phlo is done hittin folks with a good dose they know that something has changed in the atmosphere.

The production team that Phlo is associated with have the elements of bonafide hit makers. Windstorm Productions/ADA Productions bring the type of music you expect secular cats to grind to. This is a production unit that many would soon hear and love on a grand scale.

Phlo started out shaking things up with his group called the Freemen. Together they have put out a handful of mixtapes and stirred the underground scene up. He just released his debut album called, 'The Legacy: the day it all changed!' Not only is Phlo a profound artist but he is also an author at heart. He released his first book, 'Changing the Atmosphere', which is in joint-effect with His album.

Phlo believes that music is powerful - powerful enough to change some things that we have messed up. He has a genuine heart for the people especially the youth of our nation/generation. Everything he does from music to writing books to acting he wants to influence this generation to 1) not be ashame to acknowledge our Creator and 2) not be ashame to do the right thing(s). So when you hear Phlo's music and read Phlo's writings get ready to be inspired, motivated, energized, and sparked to make a difference. Or as Phlo states, ' to change the atmosphere!'

To be a young man who is a family man and has been married for over 8 years he sure has alot going on for him. He has the ability to grip and keep the attention of the elders of our generation and to spark a movement in the youth of our generation. Phlo isn't just what you want today - Phlo is what you need today.


Phlo believes that Jesus is the true Christ/Messiah and the only begotten Son of God. He believes that there is no other name where by men can be saved but the name of Jesus. Phlo believes in the Trinity [Father, Son, and Holy Ghost] as is revealed in scripture. He believes the Bible is the infallible Word of God. He believes that God is just and faithful to forgive any man his sins when that man repents of his sins. Phlo believes that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Phlo believes in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He believes that salvation is obtained by grace thru faith in Christ alone. He believes that each believer is accountable and responsible for spreading the good news [gospel] via the gift(s) and talent(s) that God so graciously given each of us. And yes, Phlo believes in the gifts of God both spiritual and natural all for the purpose of bringing glory to the Lord.