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The eighties will historically be known in the black community as the “crack era”. After being created in the ghettos of Los Angeles, the drug’s addictiveness spread across the country with light speed. Though thousands of gang members and others from the ghetto were able to make a lucrative living from this drug trade, the flip side of this coin is much more grim. Thousands of families were left destroyed when mothers and fathers lost everything, as their priority shifted from taking care of the family to satisfying their unquenchable urges for crack. But the ones most greatly affected from this epidemic were the kids….left without direction, discipline, and some would say…hope.

Enters 80S…(pronounced eight-oh-ess)
Born with a chip on their shoulders, 80S was not spared the trials of being born in the eighties. Running the streets at an early age and being exposed to the dope, murder, and deceit of Atlanta’s hard streets, this group has molded into one of the most explosive and insightful collective of emcees on the music scene in years. DL AKA Da Profit (The Hustler), DuBois AKA D-Boi (The Youngin), PZY (The Spark), and Kel (The Fire) recollect the devilish tales of their grim realities with a charisma and charm that is sure to win over both the hustlers and females. And while they’ve all seen a similar struggle in their lifetime, each attacks the mic with their own unique flow, persona and ferocity. Just as you begin to vibe with one, another comes from the blindside to hit you with a verbal gauge to the face.

With some members being connected from past failed rap ventures, and others joining up from being on the block, the four emcees were brought together by Ray XXX, mentor of the young 80S camp, and CEO of their label, PHMG (Perry Homes Music Group) “Bruh just understands real music. He keeps us on point and makes it do what it do,” says PZY.

When asked who they would compare themselves to, “We are a one time design”, DL quickly clears up. “I got respect for my Atlanta peoples, but most of them ain’t even seeing us cuz”

“I kinda see us like the 2007 Hot Boys. They came outta nowhere and took over. So just know that whatever you hear from 80S is gonna be nothing but that real gansgsta shit,” PZY

“For real though man, ya’ll every seen that movie Posse? It’s a black cowboy movie where every nigga is on some gangsta shit, but everybody got they own type of swag. That’s what we like,” DL adds.

So what does 80S mean?
“We the eighties babies, born in the eighties. We had the most struggle. Everything hits the streets in the 80’s. Crack, gangs….we had to overcome a lot of shit in the 90’s just to make it to the 2000s,” DuBois speaks from the heart.

Is hip hop dead?
They exclaim almost in unison, “Hell naw!” “It’s just changed states! It just grew up and changed like a butterfly and now it live is the south,” says D-Boy

With musical influences from Jadakiss, to Tupac, to Atlanta’s own Sammie Sam, you are sure to hear a gritty eloquence in their slang that will set them clearly in a league of their own in today’s industry.

Being from a slightly older generation, Ray has a different take on the subject “I hear where Nas is coming from. True hip hop IS dead. It’s a business now. Rap used to be about struggle. You don’t hear about the real struggle anymore. Now the record companies won’t let you rap about the police killing an old black lady, but they’ll let you rap about killin 20 niggas. You can’t even rap about the real anymore, because the game has just become business. That being the case, we here to bring true hip hop back to the streets.”

And when their rap career is all said and done, “People are gonna say 80S always kept it real and came different. Our music is gonna set the trend for the next generations to come” PZY states.

Be on the lookout for 80S in 2007, as they hit the streets, clubs, and back alleyways with songs like “Bobidee”, “In The Club” “Hot Shit, and other certified bangers. The group is currently being produced by Sinclair Davis of Hi Lyfe Recordings and signed to the PHMG label.