Nu-Metal from the nu schooll, raging and burning riffs, screaming melodies and lots of adrenaline its what makes us explode on stage...just watch us live...


Phobia was birth a few years ago and like almost all bands has been constantly changing the lineup and the sound untill they got to nowdays members. An interesting mixture of generations that brings a different and very solid creative workflow, filled with shades of many influences, but defining a very own good old style.
Right now they are betting on a change to english with studied lyrics charged with methaphores of social matters, human and sometines vindicative, also letting the carnal desires appear. Its a proposal for those NU-Metal lovers from the old days, but reexploring those landscapes still undiscovered


Kill your Violence

Written By: Phobia - Alan Baeza

All that eye bloodshed
the lines i fracted
they blurred distorted

The things i fray end
they concentrate into another something

Reality focus out and then
i began to wonder
Why shouldn't i shred your fucking face
and drag you right under

I've killed you twice
but you don't appear
to resent from this
Slaughter in my hands

Then your....
How many words your mouth is not saying
How many wounds my heart is now saving
Now you wont have to ask for forgiveness
Now you wont have to pray for the sickness
Now you wont have to fray for the Kill
Now you wont have to do anything but
Kill your Violence

All beatings i had
with or without hands
The scars in my head
No matter how hard
the high i shout it
You'll never learn it
Reality focus in and i really know the numbers
Why shouldn't i shred your fucking face
and drag you right under

Save me, prompt the soar
and liberate me
Change me, from above
Precisely change me
All this tears, they fall appart
The light is in me
The end of this
Destructive soul
Resides in your
Faith in me