Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

"PHOCUS has a great sound, that hits hard and goes down smooth, vocals are excellent and the music is explosive and still dynamic. Lots of maturity, good transitions and the whole set was very well thought out followed with a stunning R&B performance laden with excellent arrangements and complete with stage choreography.


PHOCUS came together in 2005, but have already accomplished more than most bands twice their age. Not only have they played the hottest and largest venues in their hometown, but they've also played at some of the most exclusive clubs in the Southwest. Such as Club Barcelona in Scottsdale, B.B. King's Blues Club in Universal Studios, and The Key Club in downtown L.A. The band has also managed to open for and perform with some successful artists along the way: Ice Cube, Baby Bash, Rah Digga, Rampage, The Flipmode Squad, The Sugar Hill Gang, W.A.R. The Blue Notes, and Jmar to name a few. With all that to their credit PHOCUS isn't about dropping names, they're about dropping jaws, with their electrifying LIVE show. The PHOCUS sound has been described by many as "Rock and Soul," the smoothness of R&B with power and passion of rock music. It's this signature sound that led the band to win first place in three separate states (New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona) and landed seventh place in the NATION when they participated in the 2007 Emergenza Festival. If that's not enough the band was also featured in a nationwide commercial for Liquid Wick Pool Cues in which they wrote and performed original material for the spot. In 2010, the band was voted "Best Cover Band" by readers of the Weekly Alibi in Albuquerque. PHOCUS, the bands name, has many different meanings but to those that know the band it means: "A Power House Of United Captivating Sound"


What About US
Ice Cream Truck ft. Rampage
Show Me
I Do

Set List

Drums, Bass, Guitar Keyboards, DJ, backline,
see Basic Req for details and technical rider can be provided
(10 people travel)
Set 1

Phocus Intro by DJ Exodus
Lady Marmalade
Let Me Blow Your Mind
Try Again (Ab)
No Diggity (Gb minor)
Gotta Give It Up
Don’t Stop Believing
I Need You Bad (G)
Holla Back Girl

Set 2
DJ Exodus / Tanecia & Backup Singers
Work It
Electric Slide
Boogie Oogie
Bad Girls
Take Your Time
To Be Real
Paper Planes
I’m Ma Be (F)
I Gotta Feeling

Set 3
I Want You Back
Billie Jean
Rock With You
Get It Right
Crazy In Love
Deja Vu
Crazy in Love
I’m Going Crazy
Crazy in Love
Bidi Bidi
Baila Esta Cumbia
Como La Flor
Set 4
This Is How We Do It
Just Got Paid
My Prerogative
Sex Machine
Cupid Shuffle
California Gurlz
Tik Tok
Just Dance (1st, 2nd verse) (chorus twice)
Telephone (Chorus only)
Turning Me On

Exodus Intro
In Da