Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws

Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

"There’s a sound that had to be found tribal and vibrant, yet dark and cinematographic, music you can move to, as much slow as wild all out shaking" Phoebe Killdeer... a rare bird




Killdeer ('k?l?d??) — n , pl -deer , a bird, Charadrius vociferus, with two black breast bands and a noisy cry, the name is imitative of its cry.
The Killdeer frequently uses a broken wing act to distract predators from the nest.
Distraction displays, also known as diversionary display, are anti-predator behaviours used to attract the attention of the public towards the music and show, it's the typical behaviour of this band.
It has been suggested that distraction displays exist mainly in birds since they have the ability to escape at the last moment from any given situation but in this case the Short Straws seem to have developed their own cunning displays. Several variations of the latter are known. Adult males, when approached by groups of conspecifics will move away from the nest and simulate a performance.
Another display is the rodent run. Here the bird drops to the ground or moves away creeping along with the head held low and making turns as if dodging imaginary obstacles.
This last one is a must see live...


Phoebe's singing style is rooted in blues, she's a storyteller, in a vein of such acts like Tom Waits or Nick Cave. Her voice comes from the guts, the womb, she's expressive without any of those dreadful affected postures. She draws a thin line between her soul and the heart of the listener, because she's also a brilliant and rare performer whose eyes leave a sting of vibrant energy, deep under the skin.
She met a band as sensitive as herself, a bunch of self taught musicians, their engine fed by a unique emotional fuel. They all come from different genres (thus they cover a large panel of popular rock and roll culture), and their obsession for the search of "THE SOUND" led them to refine together their own coherent style, with Phoebe’s strong influential input.

Raunchy guitars sometimes reminiscent of 80's australian rock, southern soul, or 70's fat leads are erupted by Cedric. He has built up his own dirty signature trademark, with lot's of feedback, but with a sensual approach, refining it through years of experimenting. His playing sounds a bit odd and clumsy sometimes before a blast of fuzz hits the plexus right in the chorus.

Raphael is probably one of the most inventive and gifted drummers around (probably less "vintage obsessed" than his fellow partners). His incongruous percussive style, his sick and incredibly creative grooves bring the band a wide/panoramic rhythmic dimension. He's able to give a more modern feel to the whole sound of the group.

Alexandre is this kind of beast, capable of full frontal fat and sleazy grooves, but is also able to caress your ears with those early 70's melodic and almost erotic basslines. His feet anchored deep in the ground, his bass neck pointed at the audience. The sweat running down his chest with a furious grin.

You might hear hints of Noise Rock from Chicago : straightforward, pounding inventive drumming, white noise, feedback, unpolished sound, no special effects (touch and go bands) (Spinning), David Lynch’s disturbing climatic atmosphere (highway bird), The bad seeds/beasts of bourbon/birthday party’s raw, storytelling, edgy, dirty, blues and hints of industrial noise reverb guitar, some jungle exotica 50's rhythmic tribalism and 60's southern soul (stax/muscle shoals) with bursts of fuzz and catchy question/answer backing vocals (fade out line/innerquake).


Here's what the press says:

'A great visceral live show, pulsating strobe, red lights, rockabilly backbeat and an edge The Bad Seeds would be proud of. Phoebe sings from
the dark side of the Human Condition and Siouxsie or PJ Harvey would be impressed with the stage presence.'
(Scott Williams)

'Un univers rempli d'images de cinema' (Emilie Depond)

'Phoebe Killdeer, a talented songwriter with a potential that remains as high as the sky.' (Obscure sound)



Booking agents: (French territories) (rest of the world)

Universal Music France
A&R: Stephane Kaczorowski


- Solo album 'Innerquake' 26th September 2011 in France & Benelux with Discograph/Kwaidan
- EP produced by Liam Watson inc. 'The Fade out line' and 'Scholar' out online and on 7" vinyl available at the live shows. June 2010 and digitally in France & Benelux through Discograph.
- Solo album 'Weather's coming...'. TPK/PIAS 2008
- Nouvelle Vague 'Bande à part'. PIAS 2006
- True Stories 'Crazy girls' EP. Non Stop 2003