Phoenix Bodies

Phoenix Bodies


This is the music that plays in your head for those 10 seconds after you stub your toe on the sharp corner of an old coffee table. Except it goes on for a little longer than 10 seconds. It is sharp and throbbing like the pain from your foot, and full of the same harsh frustration anger you feel.


Phoenix Bodies play some of the heaviest music to be created without a bass player. Their unique line-up gives them a signature sound that does not commonly exist throughout hardcore or punk rock. Seeing them play live is a bit like getting tarred and feathered. The guitars provide the thick soupy mess that coats your body, while the singers ridicule you by yelling in your face, and the drums hit you with sharp, stinky bird coverings.

The band started in the summer of 2002 as a side project between Carl, Thomas and Colin. Phoenix Bodies was nursed to life on the recordings of bands like, Pig Destroyer, Portraits of Past, Forcefedglass, Old Man Gloom, and grew up with the midwestern heritage of sucha bands like Ice Nine, Usurp Synapse, and Racebannon. The band was finally rounded out in 2003 with the addition of 2 vocalists, Derek Black, and Ben Sutton. Initial hype for Phoenix Bodies was started from Colin + Derek's old band Mara'akate. Shows were played, songs were recorded, Ben was replaced by Adam, and things kept on moving. The band has covered almost all the ground possible between the Mississippi and Danube rivers on their various stints in the US and their recent month long European tour. They've played shows with bands like, Daughters, Breather Resist, The Dream is Dead, Yaphet Kotto, Takaru, Hewhocorrupts, Yage, Rune, Hot Cross, and Lickgoldensky.


Enlarge Your Penis

Written By: Derek Black

Air conditioning is tempting on a hot day in Venezia, but I would rather give my right clicking finger up to a butcher block, than spend any more time starting a a flat panel monitor at this time in my life. Maybe someday you can e-mail yourself all of your wasted time and missed experiences.

Toxic Shock Value Meal

Written By: Derek Black

Life is like a tampon commercial. It's all nice spring fiels and calm breezes

Sometimes your swimming, sometimes your wearing a lovely white dress.

Everything is nice and comfortable. Ignore the fact that you're hemmorahging something awful.

Garauntee maximum protection, so that no one will know about your little secret, disgusting secret.

Godamn Pyramid Building Aliens

Written By: Derek Black

Your obliesks lay fallen.
Victims of erosion.
Stone worn to dust.
Your empire is a wasteland.

Accomplishments, now null and void.
The aliens now steal your fame.
No one cares that it was you, you're life's work is science fiction.
No one cares who it was.

Monuments don't matter when you're dead.
Immortality is not a valid career path for fucking anyone.

I would have rather been playing baseball or air hockey, or something like that. Fuck a legacy, us girls just wanna have fun.


split cd/12" w/ Enkephalin (Init/Slave Union Records, South Dakota, New York) 2003
The Microwave Said to the Pacemaker... 2x7" compilation (Slave Union, New York) 2004
split 7" w/ Shikari (Electric Human Project, Delaware) 2004
split 7" w/Raein (Crucificados, Germany) 2004
split 7" w/ Tyranny of Shaw (Init, South Dakota) 2004

Set List

This is the set list we played on our recent European tour:

Lawn of Decadence
Sense is out of Style
Spin: A Rendez-vous
1/2 A Billion Ants
Cock Ocean
Old Balls
Striving for Autism
The Future of Eating
Enlarge Your Penis
Toxic Shock Value Meal
God Damn Pyramid Building Aliens

Sometimes we play "Fix Me" by Black Flag. Our typical set is 25 minutes long.