Phoenix Falling

Phoenix Falling

 Naples, Florida, USA

We are a modern rock group with an emphasis on songwriting & musicality. We know that a great product requires an equally great business plan in order to succeed. With this in mind, we strive to create universal music and believe that there is at least one song for everybody on our newest 6 song EP.


Phoenix Falling
Taylor Dupree Brewington

Phoenix Falling and their most recent EP, “The Beginning,” have been working magic in the Southwest Florida music landscape. Released in October of 2009, “The Beginning” is a six track phenomenon that synthesizes several genres into a musical treat that listeners in Florida and across the nation will not forget any time soon. Unlike most bands that tour for a great deal of time before producing any sort of studio creation, Phoenix Falling was hard at work in Valdosta, Georgia crafting music that would pack an equal punch both on a record and on the stage.

Phoenix Falling is an eclectic fusion of tremendous technicality and layman's listenability with jazz-fusion driven percussion sets and driving guitar duels constantly competing for the listener's attention. These complex rhythms are all founded over a heavy layer of bass guitar, which ranges in sound from subtle support to wildly dynamic slap bass. Vocals instantly capture the attention of the audience, perfectly crowning an extraordinarily complex sound. In all aspects of music, from melodramatic electric guitar arrangements to plush acoustic creations, Phoenix Falling has a sound that can be instantly identified as unique.

The band is a five-piece set of members from several different backgrounds. Phoenix Falling is:

Mitch Clark – Vocals
Kevin Leman – Guitar, Vocals
Christian Logaglio – Guitar, Vocals
Ben King – Bass
Colby Peters – Drums

With wildly different musical backgrounds, each member of Phoenix Falling brings something into the band that guarantees its individuality. The band comes from backgrounds spread out through multiple genres, including jazz, funk, gospel, and rock. This chaotic culmination of musical influence leads guitarist Christian Logaglio to assure the listener that Phoenix Falling “spawns an original sound that could appeal to the average listener as well as the critical listener.” Ultimately, Phoenix Falling is a band that exists to “ create universal music with artistic integrity,” according to drummer Colby Peters.

Phoenix Falling have a MySpace ( and a Band Camp account ( where “The Beginning” EP can be accessed for free of charge.


"The Beginning" - 6 song EP released Oct. 2009

Set List

Currently, our set runs approximately 30-45 minutes containing the following songs as well as unrecorded musical interludes:

-Bury Me (unrecorded)
-Ghost Town
-Nightmare (unrecorded)
-Lost In The Sound (unrecorded)