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Let them see

Written By: Henry


Take my picture
Take it off the wall
Make then know,
that i have it all
Fame is the name of the game
I was hatched
Right outta the batch
Hung around, i was poked around
Like a joke
But i was made
I was made to be
And so i peeled, yeah.
I peeled right off
Taking a step backward
yeah itook it
To take ten fowards
I've got the bones and
the tones to be,
a chaperone, and so i say,
Those who have ears
Let them, Leth them hear

Chorus *2
Yeah let them see
Let them see through me
Let them see, a shadow of my shadow
Let them feel, yeah feel
The heat that emits
Taste the sound
The sound of victory
Let them hear, the trumpet, the trumpet of doom
Let their Hazy dreams
Be reality.

Verse 2

Its all good
A step back in time, is worthwhile
Thats why my track,
It sounds like a crack
I spit the flow, so you find
No flaws
It comes at you raw
From the Jaw
It seems its da 'saw'
It will make you chill
Like a vine
In your spine
Its the return,
The return of the myth
I'm the urban legend
So bow,
Bow to the sound
coz against your will
it'll make you chill
Like da pills
Its so tight,
Your mind gives way
Yeah, beat that
It's here to stay
So make hay
Can you smell it?
smell what da rock is cooking
Coz it's so swift like the wind
Fiery as fire
Please, those who have eyes,
Let them see.

Chorus *2