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"Rock rapper Phoenix weighs in with 'Dying To Find Myself' CD"

RATING 8 out of 10

"Rock rapper Phoenix, whose music is said to resemble Linkin Park and P.O.D., has his latest album 'Dying To Find Myself.' distributed by Silent Planet Promotions. A single from the album "One-Thirty Eight" received national exposure in the USA reaching number 13 on the ACM alternative chart."

"The best cut was "Hand In Hand", a masterful combination of rap and acoustic guitar. The line I most liked was "I'll fight the system/I'll stand for the kingdom." Also worth mentioning is the song "Run", starting with a piano interlude and then merging into heavy guitars, this was really effective." - CROSS RHYTHMS - Joshua Mason

"Transcending the Mundane"

Album Score: 7 out of 10

Phoenix is the name of the man and the band. Phoenix started his musical journey almost ten years ago and lists Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, and P.O.D. as his primary influences. Yes, you guessed it... Phoenix is rap rock. P.O.D. is the best reference, simply because of the Christian based lyrics. Supposedly, Phoenix's live show is a sight to behold and based on the energy of Dying to Find Myself I can believe it.

Phoenix started out in 1997, he was able to appeal to audiences into hip hop, rap, rock, hardcore and metal. There are two previous releases; Resurrection and Death of the Flesh Birth of the Spirit. I've always been a sucker for this style of music. From Hedpe to Kervin to Rage Against The Machine and now Phoenix, I've been intrigued by bands integrating rap/ hip hop and metal.

Unfortunately, I have yet to hear a band fulfill the promise these disparate genres hold. Phoenix comes close at times. There's definitely an energy and sincerity to Dying to Find Myself. - Brett VanPut

"Phoenix - Dying To Find Myself"

This is the first rapmetal/hiphop metal CD I've heard in ages. I remember a few bands in the mid nineties. But then rapcore came up. Phoenix, although described as being influenced by hardcore, is mainly a hiphop artist who uses a metal sound to accompany his raps. Though it doesn't sound groundbreaking, Dying To Find Myself is a refreshment compared to what is dominating the international charts. There are a few screams here and there, like in Run, but they sound too shallow. Some of the clean vocals could be done with a bit more conviction too. But overall this album is nice to listen to for fans of rapmetal. Only the last three songs are a bit different, with two of them are without heavy guitars, while the third is a combination of hardcore, punk and metal. My favorite tracks on the disc are One-Thirty Eight and A Voice For Those Who Can't Speak. It's a shame the CD is only 28 minutes long. - ART FOR THE EARS WEBZINE

"Phoenix / Dying To Find Myself 2005 / Independent"

Phoenix / Dying To Find Myself
2005 / Independent
1. Where You Know
2. One-Thirty Eight
3. Alienate
4. A Voice For Those
Who Can't Speak
5. Run
6. Hand In Hand
7. Blood Flow
8. Hand In Hand (Acoustic)
9. SVOR Remake - When
I needed you most
What do you get when you put beefy guitars together with a master rapper with tons
of talent and ability and some occasional hardcore vocals ? After listening to "Dying To Find Myself" I'd have to say the answer to that question has to be Phoenix. The sound that Phoenix produces is what I'd have to consider multi-dimensional. He's alot of different styles mixed into one package with sounds stemming from the likes of
Linkin Park to Eminem and KJ-52. Now throw in another dimension which is the
chugging guitars and the hardcore vocals which are reminiscent to bands like Post Mortum. One of my favorite tracks is "Alienate" which combines all of Phoenix's
elements and in my eyes is a perfect signature song for him. Track 4 "A Voice For Those Who Can't Speak" has a definate Linkin Park vibe to it and showcases his awesome God given talent. Lyrically this Cd rocks with a message of absolute salvation through giving it up for the One and Only Jesus Christ. I consider this first
release from Phoenix to be absolutely solid and I definately look forward to see what he can come up with next.
Pick up a copy of Phoenix - Dying To Find Myself at one of the following:
Phoenix official website
Silent Planet Promotions - The Christian Xtreme


Resurrection 1997

Death Of The Flesh; Birth Of The Spirit 2001
Armageddon-Heavy Radio Rotation
Warrior-Heavy Radio Rotation

Dying To Find Myself... 2005
One-Thirty Eight-Heavy Radio Rotation(#13 on the ACME Alternative Chart
Hand In Hand-Heavy Radio Rotation
Blood Flow-Heavy Radio Rotation
Run-Heavy Radio Rotation



Acting as a fusion of spiritual outpouring and a plethora of musical influences including hip-hop, techno, rap-core, and hardcore, musical artist PHOENIX takes his passions seriously.

With nothing but a mic, a low budget recording system, and his raw talent, PHOENIX began performing in 1997. Despite discouragement, PHOENIX has flourished as an underground hip-hop artist. Gaining recognition within the local Christian community and the Northeast Pennsylvania music scene has been a process of strengthening PHOENIX spiritually and musically.

PHOENIX'S accomplishments lie both in the recording studio and on the stage. His debut album, "Resurrection", followed by "Death of the Flesh, Birth of the Spirit", reflect the exciting development of PHOENIX'S talent. The third and current album "Dying To Find Myself" is a blending of the prog mastery and rap-rock, which is ear pleasing to his current audience and an adventure for the ones that enjoy more art in there music.

Passion is difficult to define and nearly impossible to convey on a recording; each recording only offers a glimpse into PHOENIX'S heart. It is at his live show that his heart is truly on display. PHOENIX performs at every possible opportunity and has shared the mic with the likes of John Rueben, Smooth, Seventh Day Slumber, Grits, Knowdaverbs, DIRT, and Tedd of EDL. Besides being a local staple, PHOENIX has made a name for himself playing guitar in the now defunct chaos metal bands, Nor the Arrow and Seven Vials Outpouring.

PHOENIX'S passion and talent have not diminished over his years in music. Instead they have developed. PHOENIX has a heart that is overflowing and the talent to accent it. His music is truly a reflection of passion.