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Phoenix on the Fault Line

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
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"Phoenix On The Fault Line: Goodbye On Monday"

Our Take

Indiana based Phoenix On The Fault Line presents listeners with an interesting idea: What would happen if you added a horn and percussion section into a traditional melodic rock band? This is exactly what the group has done on their debut album, Goodbye On Monday, where they have attempted to integrate horns and percussion into a number of different rock compositions. And while there are some moments where things get a little shaky, Phoenix On The Fault Line is ultimately off to a good start and looks to have plenty of room for growth.

The instrumentalists of this band could have easily just attempted to throw in horns in with traditional melodic rock and follow this formula for the entire album, but instead they decided to pull from a different variety of styles from within the rock genre. This gives Phoenix On The Fault Line a bit of an advantage right from the start, but deciding to include a prominent horn section has also made them even more unique. But unfortunately, while there are moments on this album where the combination of guitar, bass, drums, and horns work together to create really atmospheric and interesting arrangements there are also songs where the two elements don’t feel to fit together seamlessly. It doesn’t make the album unmistakable, but I suspect that as the band continues to move forward they will improve as song writers and compose tracks that seamlessly move from one element to the next while continuing to make the horn section prominent.

Although Phoenix On The Fault Line utilizes so many different instrumentalists, they only have one main vocalist. However, despite this lead singer Tony Ferrera does a great job of matching up to the level of energy and intensity offered by the instrumentals. In bands like this it is sometimes possible that a vocalist can get overshadowed by the rest of the group, but this never happens throughout the course of Goodye On Monday. Ferrera’s melodic voice always manages to carry the music along, and while at times his pitch seems as though it is a little bit off listeners will find that he fits in perfectly with the varied instrumentals.

Phoenix On The Fault Line is still a little rough around the edges, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check them out. The band’s mixture of a horn section and melodic/hard rock feels unique within a world of similar sounding artists, even if the horns don’t feel as though they have been seamlessly integrated on some of the songs. Goodbye On Monday is ultimately an enjoyable album rather than an amazing one, and if these guys can bring out the horns even more and make it all fit together than I have a feeling that their next release will really be groundbreaking.

Chris Dahlberg

April 09, 2009
- Cosmos Gaming

"8-piece band- Album review: Goodbye on Monday"

Published on March 29, 2009.

Variety can really make or break a band.

it is played out in sounds, songs, vocal stylings or multitalented
members, every little bit to set a band apart from the pack saves them.

Phoenix on the Fault Line has one element of variety on their side, and
that is the sheer amount of instruments and people the band keeps
around to mix things up.

an eight-piece band that includes all the standards, Phoenix on the
Fault Line manages to throw in some refreshing twists to your typical
newly formed band with additions such as saxophone, trombone and an
auxiliary percussionist.

variety inside of the group may count among its positive qualities,
setting itself apart from the rest of the music world is not a strong
point of Phoenix on the Fault Line. Its music definitely sounds as
though it is staying close to the outline for a typical indie-pop-rock
group, which seems to work for them.

a variety of instruments also gives the band the ability to go more
smoothly from faster to slower beats within the songs, allowing the
album to be more cohesive and flow comfortably from song to song.

debut album, “Goodbye on Monday,” spans from faster, more pop-rock
songs that would make for a mosh-pit-meets-dance-party feel to
relatively slower tunes that put lead singer Tony Ferrera’s pipes to
good use.

clearly has a voice that is not just appropriate for this type of
music, but would be more than adequate for even more melody-driven and
instrumentally lighter songs, as he demonstrates on the track “When It

As touched on
before, the two-man horn section adds an interesting sound to the
otherwise standard group, but unfortunately is sometimes muffled due to
the strength of the other instruments.

knowing a band cannot survive on horns alone, once I know they’re
there, I want to be able to hear them more. It’s like when you know the
singer has a good voice, yet the band only allows you to hear guitar.
You want to uncover the gems.

wasn’t always the case, however, with many of the songs, especially the
album’s title track, “Goodbye on Monday.” The band is able to use
excellent layering of both instruments and vocals, finding a harmonious
blend between too loud, too soft and too much.

know I sound like a broken record, but while this isn’t particularly my
favorite type of music, I really think the execution of the album was
well done and Phoenix on the Fault Line is clearly enjoying playing its
music. The band sounds clean and put together and is able to keep
stronger pop-esque melodies in a more instrumental-based band, which is
key to indie-pop rock.

the band is keeping close to the structure of the genre on the whole,
it works for them to have something with which to base their sound off.

After all, the standard is the standard for a reason, since it clearly has worked for others before them.

Cole Bertsos - Lansing Low Down

"Goodbye On Monday - Album review"

"The opening song Goodbye on Monday is built on catchy riffs... if you are a fan of rock that throws in unique ideas you might want to give this band a shot." - Unbound Zine online

"Goodbye on Monday = Fresh & New"

It might be hard to wrap your ears around an eight-piece indie band at first, but rather than complain you should look at it as something fresh and new. Built on an alternative rock foundation with stout guitars and pronounced vocals, Good-bye On Monday is a multi-layered structure that makes use of horns, varied percussion melodies, and some clever riffing. Most people equate horns with ska, however, you wont find any skank beats on this album. Instead POTFL sticks to a rock ethos that would inspire head bobs and maybe a few raised glasses at the end of each song. I'll admit it takes a few spins to take it all in, but, when everything clicks, it's definitely worth it.

For fans of: Foxy Shazam, Gogol Bordello, Zox, MC5, Roxy Music - Evil Needles



Phoenix On The Fault Line, Goodbye On Monday
All songs written and performed by: Phoenix On The Fault Line 2008 Copyright of Shoot The Hostage Records.
Songs engineered, mixed & mastered by Allen Kell
Album art and design by Joshua Smith
Album Photography by Liz Nicol at
Album Produced By Phoenix On The Fault Line & Shoot The Hostage Records in association with Allen Kell & The Godfather

Phoenix On The Fault Line, 1733B.C.
All songs written and performed by: Phoenix On The Fault Line 2010 Copyright of Shoot The Hostage Records.
Songs engineered and mixed by Ryan Koch at ARKBARN Studio
Album art and design by Leigh Miller
Album Produced By Phoenix On The Fault Line & Shoot The Hostage Records in association with Ryan Koch at ARKBARN Studio

Phoenix On The Fault Line, Basement Of The Coliseum
All songs written and performed by: Phoenix On The Fault Line 2011 Copyright of Shoot The Hostage Records.
Songs engineered and mixed by Ryan Koch at ARKBARN Studio
Album illustration by Faith Mullins
Album layout/Design by Joshua Smith
Album Produced By Phoenix On The Fault Line & Shoot The Hostage Records in association with Ryan Koch at ARKBARN Studio
Am Radio, Fm Radio Lagrange Point 5, Basement Of The Coliseum, Die Die Die,Goodbye on Monday, 33, Stay Awake & Stand Your Ground can be heard on several radio broadcasts including local Indianapolis radio station X103 (103.3)
Shine, Reckoning, In Due Time, 2008
In Due Time (Acoustic) 2008



According to members it all started sometime in the year 3317 A.D. The events that have taken place since have been shrouded in mystery and myth by the band.

There have been reports of show sightings all over the Midwest from Illinois to Pennsylvania. Some of their songs have gained attention from radio play on stations in New York, Michigan, Indianapolis, Illinois and as far out as the United Kingdom. In August 2008 the band opened for Fat Lady Musics Egypt Central on their Indianapolis tour date. They played at the Launch Festival in Lancaster Pennsylvania in 2009 and were part of several showcase events sponsored by Indianapolis radio station X103.3 in 2010.

In late 2010 they opened for Bright Antenna rockers, Middle Class Rutt. Then, in February of 2011 Phoenix on the fault line opened for Valiant Thorr & CLUTCH in a sold out event. In May of 2011 the band opened for Victory records, Taproot.

In late Sept. 2011 X103.3 asked POTFL to take part in a tribute to the Nirvana album Nevermind by recording their take on the track In Bloom. Phoenix on the fault line showed no signs of slowing down.

In October of 2011 it was announced that Phoenix on the fault line had made it to the final four bands in the nation, in the Killians Irish Red Ruckus contest. Then only a month later they had made it to the finals in two other prestigious Indianapolis music contests, Indys Next Big Thing presented by Jack Daniels and Q95, and The Battle of Birdys. The band emerged as the champions of The Birdys Battle 2011! Simultaneously the band announced the release of their 3rd album titled Basement of the Coliseum for early December of 2011.

After that they disappeared and were presumed to be traveling through time and getting into adventures while gathering ideas for their 4th album.

Resurfacing on March 19th, X103 and the band announced that Phoenix on the fault line would play the May Day concert with Stained, Eve 6, Neon Trees, The Dirty Heads, Sleeper Agent & Walk the Moon at Klipch Music Center. Only days after, the band also announced  that they would be opening for Hurt on May 22nd 2012.

In March of 2013 the band announced that they would release their 4th album entitled Zombie Kill 85 in mid-summer 2013. It is said to be a concept album that will tell the tale of survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Simultaneously Phoenix On The Fault Line announced the release of a full length novel entitled 9 Shall Rise. The Novel is a companion to their 2011 album Basement of the Coliseum.

In August of 2013 the band was able to open for BLACK SABBATH at Klipsch music center in Noblesville IN on the side stage. Since then the band has been working on their 5th album and second full length novel. 

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