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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Watch: 'Undun'"

11/14/16 - You might have heard of Toronto rappers Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty and Phoenix Pagliacci (The Sorority) eight months back in the first all female TeamBackPack cypher that dropped on International Women’s Day.

They have come together again, now known as The Sorority for their track “Undun” and they dropped the visuals for it a week ago. Once again, all of them come correct in this video; filmed at Kops Records downtown Toronto, a record store known for having the most experienced and oldest vinyls–including old school hip-hop. The four of them pay homage to a lot of the greats; including Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Big Pun, Tupac, Ice Cube, Lauryn Hill, Prince, Whitney, Eminem, Biggie Smalls, Eazy E and J-Dilla plus more.

Keysha raps about how before trap music it was about the boom bap and if you didn’t come correct correct with the bars, you were whack. Lex spits about how she wishes Phife from ATCQ was still alive and how phony rappers only live a lie, while she can never stop rapping due to her old school influences and inspirations. Haviah reminisces on the greats and how we learn from them in today’s world, giving props to the legends, and Phoenix states that legends never die because their music lives on forever, and when she passes there’s no need to cry because she too will be with the greatest and people will be listening to her music too.

Overall, they each spit about the legends in their own authentic way, allowing the track to come together perfectly with all of their vibes syncing as one. As always, the chemistry with these four is consistently dope. - Omit Limitation

"'Undun' video premiere"

11/04/16 - Bringing together a jam-packed foursome of fresh voices in Canadian hip-hop, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty and pHoenix Pagliacci are unleashing a new track called "Undun," and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at the accompanying video.

The group previously delivered a four-part cypher back in March in conjunction with International Women's Day, and now they've reteamed for "Undun." The track gives each of the four rappers a chance to pay homage to hip-hop greats who influenced their own style, and the video captures them roaming through the aisles of Toronto record store Kops picking up and shouting out their favourite LPs — a fitting tribute considering November marks International Hip-Hop History Month.

"I met all three of them the day the cypher was shot! But when we got together, our dynamic reminded me of beat matching in the DJ world — we just synced," Haviah Mighty tells Exclaim!, reminiscing about the International Women's Day collab. "There was literally nothing different about 'Undun' except this time, we had an idea, a concept. From there, the song just manifested. Very easily."

To to this, pHoenix Pagliacci had this to say:

After the cypher, we were all shocked and humbled to see the response. It was literally worldwide, literally millions of people watching us do what we love to do and actually liking it. While this brought us together as a group, as individuals we all went through our own struggles. [Producer and beatmaker] Little Sister decided that she was going to quit music and honestly, a part of us died. We really felt that all the momentum we had built up as a group would be challenged or even stopped. But then, almost as a parting gift, Little Sister hit our inbox with the most necessary heat. And immediately, we knew what had to be done and how. "Undun" is like a tribute song to Little Sister, but also a promise to ourselves. It's the perfect parting gift, and we're grateful to her for it. - Exclaim!


03/24/16 - Bar after bar and of course slick wordplay that is undeniable to the ear. - Purple Bars

"Premiere: pHoenix Pagliacci - Ars Amatoria"

03/26/16 - With her latest album Ars Amatoria, released back in February, she’s delivered one of the best records of the year. - Silent Shout

"Here Are Some Fire Bars from Four Rising Toronto Rappers in Honor of International Women's Day"

03/08/16 - Have you ever heard someone rap so good you had to close your eyes and ask Our Lord Saviour what you did to deserve this? Well in honour of International Women's Day, Team Backpack has put together just that in a cypher featuring some of Toronto's most promising upcoming rappers. And the results are incredible. - Noisey Vice

"Watch an International Womens Day cypher from four rising Toronto rappers"

03/08/16 - All eyes are on Toronto right now, but it seems like dudes get most of the rap shine, despite women being integral to the city's hip-hop history. To counter that perception, Team Backpack rounded up four rising Toronto rappers for a cypher timed to International Women's Day.

In the video above, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty and pHoenix Pagliacci gather around a mic, bigging each other up and rapping over a blistering loop by Little Sister (a semi-finalist in last year's Battle of the Beatmakers competition). They get fun with it, referencing this crucial scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and taking light swipes at their male peers while also touching on crucial feminist issues like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's gender-balanced cabinet and the death of Sandra Bland. "Who said the 6 god couldn't be a woman in some high-tops?" Word. - FADER

"Hip Hop Sisterhood at its Best"

01/27/15 - A stellar line-up of solid hip-hop emcees. All female, and no, Nicki nor Iggy weren’t on the bill. With Jamla Record’s Rapsody headlining, Toronto femcees rounded out a night of beats, rhymes and strong, woman power: Jelly Too Fly, Adria Kain, Keysha Freshh and Phoenix Pagliacci. Photographer Fitzroy Facey was on hand to capture the night’s most candid moments. - Urbanology

"pHoenix Pagliacci wins $5000 in Yamaha gear at Honey Jam 2013"

08/16/13 - Congratulations to 24 year old Toronto singer/songwriter pHoenix Pagliacci on winning the 2013 Honey Jam showcase.

Honey Jam is an all female multicultural multi-genre artist showcase produced by phemphat entertainment group, a non-profit organization that supports and promotes women in the arts.

As the grand prize winner of Honey Jam 2013, pHoenix will receive the Honey Jam Hookup Prize Pak including $5000 in equipment courtesy of Yamaha Canada Music.

We are very proud of the female artists who participated in the Honey Jam this year. It is an honor to support them in their careers, and we wish them all the best! - Yamaha

"Women's Wednesdays Feature: Phoenix Pagliacci"

12/11 - Combining some of the best features of the female emcees who came before her, Toronto’s Phoenix Pagliacci delivers her debut album, Books, Bucks, Beats. -

"Ear Candy: pHoenix Pagliacci ~ Books, Bucks & Beats Volume 1: Holla At A Schola"

11/28/11 - I’ve had this song in constant rotation since the album came out. Illusion of Grandeur is a perfect example how witty a lyricist pHoenix is. The beat, the way she raps and sings on it makes me hype! I’ve been known to drive around blasting this song! - Lady Vee - The LV Lair

"The Best Damn Talk Show Ever @ Manifesto 2011"

09/29/11 - Interview with pHoenix Pagliacci and the First Look Cypher participants.. - TBDTS

"Hip Hop/Soul/R&B Love - pHoenix"

03/01/11 - Featured Artist - The Continuist

"pHoenix Pagliacci reps for the females with debut album"

Urbanology Magazine breaks down the Album & Release Party. - Urbanology Magazine

"The Come Up: Books, Bucks & Beats"

Mordi the intern from XXL Magazine gives his take on "Books, Bucks & Beats". - The Come Up Radio

""World Go 'Round""

First single on The Come Up Radio - Mordi

""World Go 'Round""

First single on The Come Up Radio - Mordi

"TeamBackPack Interview"

03/10/16 - Hosted by Simone Osondu, this series of interviews goes inside the mind of 4 of the GTA's hottest young females in the industry.

Phoenix Pagliacci (born Rian Hamilton) is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Growing up to the sounds of Motown, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Gospel, Phoenix's introduction to Hip-Hop came in the form of 90's sensations such as Bad Boy Family, Wutang and Roc-A-Fella Records.

In 2013, Phoenix was a participant in the Honey Jam showcase, an opportunity from which she would walk away with over $5000 in studio equipment, encouraging her furtherance in singing and songwriting, and prompting her foray into production. - 40oz Heroes

"TBP TORONTO | Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty, pHoenix Pagliacci (Prod. Little Sister) | INTL Women’s Day"

03/08/16 - Watch interviews with each rapper here:
In honour of #IWD2016, here are some of Toronto’s finest women to touch the mic in one cypher. Shout out to all the mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and cousins… we love you.

In a selection process consisting of the finest female rappers in the T Dot, 40oz Heroes helped produce the second official Canadian Teambackpack cypher hosted at The Post Office Sound Studio in the heart of Liberty Village. - TeamBackPack


Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 1: Holla at a Schola (November 2011)
Pretty Wings EP (February 2012)
pHoemo (September 2012)
Feature Presentation (October 2012)
#88Fly (November 2012)
Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 2: Rise of Baby Buddha (December 2012)
Face of a Phoenix (June 2013)
Hometown Herverts (November 2015)
Ars Amatoria (Feb 2016)



pHoenix Pagliacci is a Toronto native who has been singing/rapping/song-writing since the age of 6. Blending Lauryn Hill inspired vocals with that classic hip-hop flow you yearn for, pHoenix hold her own on any hip hop or r&b track. 

Her debut album, "Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 1: Holla At A Schola" is her 3 pillar mantra: Books: life is a continual learning effort; Bucks: keeping a steady source of income; and Beats: it is and always will be about my music.

Since her first album, pHoenix has gone on to build a solid groundswell of support in Toronto drawing attention from producers and artists, landing features with the likes of Jean Grae, and finding new ways to collaborate with fellow female emcees.

In all aspects of her music and life, pHoenix aims to use her music to inspire and to build awareness around a number of social issues. Her 2015 collaborative project, Hometown Herverts, brought together her, DijahSB and A. Harmony to do just that. Full of humour, wit and lyrical potency, Hometown Herverts is a collective effort to break gender stereotypes and discuss relevant social issues in a culture that is often misunderstood and negatively portrayed.

pHoenix staked claim to 2016 with the release of her album, Ars Amatoria. A collaborative effort between words and emotions, between love and honesty, between poetry and song, Ars Amatoria is an auditory cohesion of poetry and song designed to provide an array of emotion to the listener, allowing for multiple definitions of an often misinterpreted and misunderstood concept: love. Following her release, TeamBackPack featured her and three other top notch female emcees for an International Women's Day Cypher, where pHoenix went in. The video amassed 80,000+ views in a short time and was featured in FADER and CHART ATTACK. 

pHoenix spent the summer playing gigs with Manifesto, Wavelength, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), House of Paint Festival and Pop Montreal, before regrouping with her cypher team to release their first video, Undun which was met with rave reviews and featured on Exclaim!, TeamBackPack, OhEsTee, and Hit Music. 

pHoenix is poised to take on 2017 with new music and new collaborative projects. All her projects are available on Bandcamp. Get Ars Amatoria today. 

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