Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising


Incredible live show - passion - soul - and great rock-n-roll. "Sounds like" Black Crowes with Janis up front.


On stage we are truly a band - not 4 musicians. We are a rock band that can pull off Smooth jazz and 50's blues.

Amy tried out for Phoenix Rising in 1994 - when it was Brian and drummer - hired a bassist and started gigging in 1995 - started travelling a lot in TX - but got tired of Lubbock and Brian and Amy moved to Nashville without bassist and drummer.
Amy Brown
is the front "man"- in the form of a 5'8" blonde woman. "Crazy", "full of energy", and "that chick can wail" are the most common comments. Favorite songs to perform are all the originals along with "Think" by Aretha Franklin and "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin. Believe it or not, Amy has found time to complete her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Master in Sociology, hold down a full-time job, gig as much as humanly possible, and marry the man of her dreams.

Brian Brown
(aka the man of Amy's dreams) is the guitarist and main songwriter of Phoenix Rising. He is native to Texas, where he and Amy first formed the band. He draws musical inspiration from such artists as Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Hank Williams, and Elton John. No matter what style of music Brian plays, he likes to incorporate a bluesy sensibility.

Mark "Mac" McMasters

(aka “Da Big Boy,” “Big Mark” or “Hey You”)
hails from Akron, OH and has lived in L.A., Chicago, and Houston playing with various acts. His early influences were lots of da Funk i.e. Sly and the Family Stone, Tower of Power, and Stax recording artists. Heavy 2 and 4 or what they used to call Fat Back are Mac’s strongest attributes.

Brady Young

Brady was born in Indiana to parents caught between bohemia and the straight life. At twelve he was abducted by physicists and forced to live and travel with the grateful dead. Upon return to his family and after much counseling he moved to west virginia where he first discovered funk music and was later to be photographed in jr. high school dressed as George Clinton. Early in adult life he worked in the peace corps teaching the 3rd world poor the basics of standup comedy, while later he would be found living in San Francisco disrupting the social structures of several communes. Today Brady calls Nashville home and is happy to be the low-end bass shaman for Phoenix Rising.


3 LPs
Sunday Morning Catastrophe
From the Hip
Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising Cd got a lot of college airplay through Tinderbox music.

We are on Myspace and have streaming music

Set List

See set list
List of songs below
Sets are usually 1 hour
See songs for repertoire - and orginal music about 30% of set:

Son of a Preacher Man
Roadhouse Blues
Message in a Bottle
You make it shine
I Wish
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
The Weight
Blood Blisters
Rocket Man
Let’s Get It On
-Too Down Low
Whippin’ Post

Dixie Chicken
Have a drink on me
Wild Horses
-Hey Las Vegas!
-Fire (Hendrix)
At Last
Drove Old Dixie Down
Whiskey Rag
Sweet Child
Middle of a Thrill

Ain’t Noise Pollution
-I’m the only One
-Cant U Hear Me Knockin’
Keep on Trying
Fire (Springsteen)
Count me in Too

The Good Life
Pretty and Mean
City Electric
-Torn Glory
-Honky Tonk Woman
Lovin Touchin Squeezin
Voodoo Chile
Hard to Handle
Oh Darlin’
Love Sneakin up on You
Texas Flood
I want you to want me
Mysterious Ways
Have a cigar
Gimme 1 Reason
Ramble On
Magic Man
My Generation