Pho King Tapes

Pho King Tapes

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Pho King Tapes is an Edmonton based tape label of electronic and ambient musicians that write and perform eclectic collaborative pieces.


Pho King Tapes was started by Dan Cook and Nathan Levasseur in late 2011 to put out short run cassette tapes of Canadian electronic and ambient music. Members of acts associated with the label work together and produce collaborative live performances. In November 2012 three artists, Evan James, Nathan Levasseur and Dan Cook collaborated and produced a live show.


In 2012 Pho King Tapes released 3 cassettes: Moons' "Discography" tape, Old Moms' "Melt Jams EP" and a compilation of electronic music titled "Pho King Tapes XII Mixtape," featuring music from artists such as Headaches, Ghibli, Doug Hoyer, and GreyScreen.