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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Lay Back And Dream"

This is an older release I found while searching in the dark crevasses Bandcamp. Lo-fi without trying to be. This short 3 song E.P. is definitely worth downloading, slow ambient textures, really cool samples. It’s music that puts you in a very introspective mood. - Noise Bread

"Martyrs – NO HELP"

The realm of the melodramatic, to me, has always been a dangerous realm to explore. There are many pitfalls and slippery slopes; pigeon holes might be more accurate. The road that travels through it is straight and narrow, but the road is not singular; It branches off into many tributaries. These pump blood through the wasteland that is modern music. When it comes to top 40, lets face it; if it’s not snap rap, or a freak funk fuck party anthem, it’s most likely a huge tower of slickened emotion, lyrically and sonically oozing with sentiment. Sadly, this emotion doesn’t usually result in quality art (from Nickle-Creed to Rihanavanessance.) There is danger in dabbling with such melodramatic melodies, but if one can escape the listeners (me) likely leanings they can come out on top.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but it’s that small distance that makes all the difference. We all know the top 40 has no style (nor substance), but this new track from Martyrs is steeped in it. An imaginative downtempo synthetic production sound like a grittier Purity Ring, with some lo-fi distorted vocals on top, soaring through a radio-worthy melody. They’re truly not a far cry from their mass-consumed radio contemporaries, but it’s the little details that make all the difference. - Argue Job

"Martyrs – Of Adder’s Bite b/w Sunset, Sunset"

This is a huge local find. Dan Cook, singer of Coalspur, has started making some of that ethereal neo r&b stuff that cats like James Blake and How To Dress Well are known for. Lyrically: dire. Instrumentally: pitch bent and stuttering. These two songs provide a brief glimpse into the immense vault of talent this guy is drawing from. I’m super excited to see what he comes with next. These two jams are available as free downloads. Wisdom says to cop it now (and argue about it). - Argue Job

"Pho King Tapes – XII Mixtape"

Want some magnets in yr noodle soup? Some zap in that sriracha? Some synth in yr hoisin? Hoop there it is: Rare beef, no tripe. - Argue Job

"O L D M O M S"

O L D M O M S is Reice (@ALIENDATABASED) and Aubrey (@Brugele). Reice is out of Anchorage, Alaska & Aubrey is from the city of Seattle, Washington. I first heard Reice’s work when he sent me some tracks he did under the alias of ‘Castles Made of Pizza’ which is an amazing name to say the least, but all of the tracks were on repeat for quite a while. Brugele dropped 2 tapes during 2011 and one during 2012 and he just recently dropped the “Margola EP” which is a 5 track cassette tape which you can purchase for 5$ on the bandcamp which I’ll link below. They both linked up during 2012 & dropped a 7 -track instrumental EP/cassette tape titled “Melt Jams” which was the only tape in my tape deck for months. If you haven’t heard it you’re slippin. They posted it for free on their bandcamp which I’ll link below, but if you’re interested in actually purchasing the tape you can buy it here. Make sure you check all this stuff out. s/o triple 3, stay alligned. - Steady Burnt

"O L D M O M S MELT JAMS [EP stream]"

There’s a new label in town/on the internet, and it’s called Pho King Tapes. The Edmonton, AB-based label has so far released two short-run cassettes, one being a reissue of Moons’ Discography Tape, the other being this particularly sensual release, MELT JAMS. The EP, written by Seattle artists Aubrey Mangrum (a.k.a. Brugele) and Reice Humenik as O L D M O M S, features seven exquisite R&B cuts, ranging from the synth-heavy (“ROUGH TONGUES”) to the trippy (“MEMORY FOG”) to the appropriating sort (“ICING”) to the downright sublime (“SOME PLACE ELSE”). Hat tip to All, Everyone, United. - Tiny Mix Tapes


In 2012 Pho King Tapes released 3 cassettes: Moons' "Discography" tape, Old Moms' "Melt Jams EP" and a compilation of electronic music titled "Pho King Tapes XII Mixtape," featuring music from artists such as Headaches, Ghibli, Doug Hoyer, and GreyScreen.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Pho King Tapes was started by Dan Cook and Nathan Levasseur in late 2011 to put out short run cassette tapes of Canadian electronic and ambient music. Members of acts associated with the label work together and produce collaborative live performances. In November 2012 three artists, Evan James, Nathan Levasseur and Dan Cook collaborated and produced a live show.