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Under the name Lori J. Ward
2004 Foreign Communication Full Length CD-
EBL Music

Under alias HiFi Princess
1999 Refused Entry EP - Shimmy Recordings
2000 Fender Bender - White Label
2003 Kleine Frauen - Extravaganza CD comp
2003 Disaster O’ Mine - Extravaganza CD comp
2004 Disastermind EP - Highball Music
2004 Disastermind - Love Parade Berlin
2005 Fender Bender - Graz Compilation
2005 Maximum Enjoyment - Highball Music
2005 Hurricane - Unreleased
2005 Hidden Reality - Unreleased
2005 Wasn't Me - Unreleased
2005 Different - Unreleased

Under the name Phonix-

-Intalude – house of Jive – 2006
-up your hifi – house of jive – 2006
-design me – house of jive – 2006
-hidden reality – house of jive - 2006
-it wasn’t me – house of jive – 2006
-all the things – house of jive – 2006
-not that kinda girl – house of jive – 2006
-desire – house of jive – 2006
-hurricane – house of jive- 2006
-house of jive- house of jive – 2006
-maximum enjoyment – house of jive – 2006
-bizzness – house of jive – 2006
-come on – house of jive – 2006
-all that jive – house of jive – 2006
-parklife – house of jive – 2006
-different – house of jive - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lori J. Ward aka Hifi Princess and Tobias Frick met in Graz, Austria in 2002. They realized immediately after a few times talking they had similar tastes and ideas. The went into the studio in 2003 and produced their first track Disaster o’ Mine, which was released in Croatia on the Extravaganza Cd Sampler. This track was then re-worked by Lori and 2 producers from Frankfurt and was re-released under the name ‘Disastermind’ on the Love Parade 2004 Compilation, highball music, and best of trance compilation. Tobi and Lori also did a remix of Disatermind which was released on Highball Music. Both tracks were charted by many heavy hitting djs and played throughout Europe.

In 2004 they started to work again in the studio together, and after a few months realized exactly what they wanted to put together. After a year and a half ‘House of Jive’ became an album and ‘Phonix’ was born.

Phonix is the live act and productions created by Lori J. Ward and Tobias Frick. They both have been musicians for many years, but coming from 2 totally different backgrounds. Lori beginning in 1993, and following the electronic music scene, and Tobi in 1990 with the rock/industrial scene. The combination of the two artists has proven to be a success, bringing a unique sound to the ‘House of Jive’ album. It is a combination of down-tempo, electro, breaks and rock elements. It is structured to tell a story and to sail through all the interesting aspects of each genre presented on the album.

Lori and Tobi are both unique personalities and it also shines through with their stage performance.

Phonix also wants to incorporate the visual element to their shows, and so since Tobi is also an extremely talented graphic artist, he has designed eye candy for the performances, and animation.