Zürich, Zurich, CHE

An invasion of rock and alternative music. This band can satisfy deficit longings for impulsive rock music combined with an outstanding voice. The vocalist has that certain indefinable something in here voice, a certain touch that makes one prick up one's ears


PHONOFLaKES - The Swiss Quality Rock Sensation!

"The album is absolutely worth hearing, from the first to the very last track" Rating 9/10 –

"Their debut record 7.30 and Edinburgh contains a total of 12 tracks we can highly recommend" Rating 5/6 – "Phonoflakes are from Switzerland – but their Music isn’t placid at all, this band knows how to rock!" –

"The audience was carried away with the blink of an eye. The recipe: rough rock guitars combined with a smooth tone and an infectious rhythm. Ever-present: the powerful voice of singer Melanie Schweickardt. The four create indeed a vigorous sound." –


If somebody had predicted how big of a stir two gigs in San Francisco would cause, the band would have declared the prophet a fool. During a stay in California, PHONOFLaKES manages to get booked for the Burning Man Festival by playing a gig that includes no more than two songs and lasts no longer than 10 Minutes. And not as one could guess onto a small stage – PHONOFLaKES got to play at the Center Stage! Obviously the bands appearance leaves such a big impression, that it gets invited to play at the festival for another two times in the following years.

But that's not the end of the story. Only one day after this groundbreaking appearance in San Francisco, PHONOFLaKES carves its way to a Showcase at Pirate Cat Radio due to a further live performance. By chance a presenter of the radio station sits in the audience. He is ever so impressed that he invites the band to play at his show on the spot.

What the presenter "Diamond Dave" does not know until this very day – due to his very distinct hippie appearance, the band at first believes he is a banged homeless, who in an alcoholic stupor brags about having an own radio show. The musicians are flabbergasted once they find out that the radio station reaches over 20 million listeners and is even broadcasted to Berlin.

Since their appearance at Pirate Cat Radio PHONOFLaKES realizes that they are on the right track. From this day on everything went quickly. Every further performance in San Francisco leads to a new booking, to such an extent that PHONOFLaKES returns to tour in California during four weeks the following year. The band plays innumerable shows, which paves their way from starting out in front of a handful of paying audience up to the infamous Burning Man Festival, which gathers over 50'000 visitors each year. Highlight in their history of concerts is an appearance at the legendary Viper Room in Los Angeles.

By performing staggering live shows with huge devotion and stage presence, PHONOFLaKES drags along a continuously growing fan base. After a gig in San Diego the enthusiasm also spills across the border and results a year later in another concert tour of several weeks: this time all across Mexico.

PHONOFLaKES owes this success merely to their live performances and a few demo tapes. To date the band did not yet publish any proper record. Now this is finally made up for! After concluding their latest tour, PHONOFLaKES retreated to the studio in order to concentrate solely on the creative process of songwriting. In collaboration with producer Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez, who knows exactly how to bring out the vision and music of the band, PHONOFLaKES recorded an outstanding record. The outcome is the heavily overdue debut album "7.30 and Edinburgh". The record holds a total of 12 tracks, which capture the bands energy and express the personality of PHONOFLaKES at its fullest.

Words can hardly describe the impact of listening to the songs of PHONOFLaKES. Beats that strike the heart, melodies that cling to one's ears and can't be blown away even by the brute force of guitars. It's indeed a sublime combination of Alternative Rock and Pop which makes it hard to decide whether to storm the dance floor, or to simply remain listening - fascinated and deeply lost in thoughts.


Lose Myself

Written By: Melanie Schweickardt

You – you make me feel so stupid every time we meet
You – you make me sound ridiculous with every word I say
I’m trying to impress you but instead I look like a fool
Around you I cannot be who I am
My personality seems to fade

You – you make me feel so nervous every time you're around
You – you make me feel so insecure in every little thing I do
Why can't you see that I’m the one you’re looking for?
Around you I lose my identity
You make me lose myself

I lose myself when I'm with you – lose my way to move and walk
I lose myself
I lose myself when I’m with you – lose my way to smile and talk
I lose myself

You – you make me look so desperate every time you go
You – you make me act like an idiot right in front of you
I’m trying to convince you that you should let me into your life
Around you I slowly go insane
You make me destroy myself

You cannot force somebody on someone, still I’m sure
All you need is right in front of you, it’s inside of me
I hope that you’ll be patient and give me my time
Maybe one day I’ll be able to show you who I really am

I lose myself when I'm with you – lose my way to move and walk
I lose myself
I lose myself when I’m with you – lose my way to smile and talk
I lose myself

Who is in charge

Written By: Melanie Schweickardt

This world has so much offer
if we opened up our eyes
Ain’t it too bad that we’re blind and don’t realize

We build the walls to tear them down
We place the limits to be out of bounds
We create the rules to turn them around
But who is in charge?

Too many days we left unused
No sense behind the things we do
We’re slowly running out of time
to create our own storyline and to take the lead

We build the walls to tear them down
We place the limits to be out of bounds
We create the rules to turn them around
But who is in charge?

Are you unsatisfied?
If you’re unhappy with your given lot in life rewrite the storyline
Advance this plot, let it rise right to the top


Written By: Melanie Schweickardt

Should we run for cover?
Do you think we went too far?
Tell me does it matter in the end we stay who we are
Don't ask me for forgiveness
What are you sorry for?
If you want to stay with me there is only one thing that I plea!

Don't call me Josephine!

Should we lie forever?
Should we run and hide our sins?
What do we see in each other? Do We seek the future in our past?
Don’t try to understand
there is no one to explain
Actions can't be undone, you’re my angel in disguise name yet unknown

Don't call me Josephine!

Release the tension
Why suffer for sweet sins?
No need to mention only you can free my mind
I’m tired of lame alibis
Don't force me into a compromise
You're my companion at night, my fallen angel in disguise

Don’t call me Josephine!


Lose Myself - 2013
Josephine - 2013

Studio Albums:
7.30 and Edinburgh - 2013

MuVe Recordings, a division of Musikvertrieb AG - Zurich, Switzerland
Snowhite - Berlin, Germany

Set List

The setlist includes +/- 15 songs and is scheduled for approximately 80 minutes. The PHONOFLaKES don't do covers.