Phonovectra will record their debutalbum in Chicago later this year. This will be with legendary Steve Albini (Nirvana, Iggy Pop, etc.) as a producer. Phonovectra is a hard working, 1001% ambitious band. Look out...


PHONOVECTRA was founded in Copenhagen Denmark in 2004 by drummer Francis Norgaard, bass player Andreas Bothmann, guitarist Allan Klitgaard and lead singer Mark Rosenér.

All four band members have been playing in different bands, but with PHONOVECTRA they aimed at getting back to their roots: a simple four piece set-up focusing on good melodies, intense ensemble playing and a wish to create modern sounding rock music for the Millennium.

PHONOVECTRA´s sound is modern rock with an edge and catchy melodies. The band implements elements from the classical world arranged for a rock quartet - a new interpreter for rock music. The writing of the songs is done By Mark Rosenr and Andreas Bothmann and the text universe is about life’s ups and downs, the existence on earth, spiritualism and the eternal search for love Euphoria.


Phonovectra are looking for licence contracts around the world for their debut album. The album has a release date of 5th February 2007 in Denmark through the independent record label Whiteout Music.