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Kowloon, Hong Kong | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE | AFM

Kowloon, Hong Kong | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative A Capella


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"phoon 釋出處女單曲 如沐春風般清爽振奮"

取其音,命其名,「phoon」這個名字就是取自於「風」之讀音,首支單曲〈YOU!〉近日上線,整體感覺相當令人振奮,就真的是那種如淋浴於春風的感覺。作為新晉香港獨立廠牌「Sweaty & Cramped」旗下另一生力軍,亮麗非常。




The name "phoon" is derived from the "wind" of the pronunciation, the first single Recently on the line, the overall feeling is very exciting, it really is the kind of shower in the spring breeze feeling. As a new Hong Kong independent label "Sweaty & Cramped" another force, very bright.

The choreography of the four independent pieces (guitar, bass, piano, drums) with clear and unambiguous rock and roll configuration, even without excessive effects, creates a rather bright and magnificent feel, reminiscent of some Japanese orchestras; Some digital rock arranger approach, like the first time the door, like a small mind, it sounds kind of inexplicable surprise.

Orchestra with a juvenile forward feeling, always full of energy. In addition, the overall level of recording and mixing is also quite attention, each sound and tone are appropriate, so that the song sounds like a pleasure, like a cup of coffee in the afternoon so refreshing. - Blow 吹音樂 - Terry Wong

"Hong Kong indie rock band Phoon release live video"

Hong Kong indie-rock band Phoon has released a live video for you to check out. They’re a fairly newer HK band but are certainly already making waves as they put their spin on the indie-rock sound. Wait til the vocals kick in – you’ll know what I mean.

More info on the band:

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"Recording Session"

係 wow and flutter 票選贏左既 Olivier Cong 逸 天,好努力咁係錄音室準備緊佢黎緊星期日既處男演出!
小編覺得佢真係好有 Damien Rice 既影子呀!聽佢既歌簡直係一種享受呀!
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Department of wow and flutter vote win left both Olivier Cong Yi days, a good effort to prepare Link-based studio tight tight Quli Sunday performances both virgin!
Small series that the Department of Drainage really good and Damien Rice both shadow ah! Listen to both songs drainage system is simply a pleasure ah!
#tomleemusic #vsmusic #vsstudio #wowandflutter - VS Music


"YOU!" Single


Feeling a bit camera shy


meaning "a gust" derived from the word "typhoon",
was found with a 4 men lineup in the midst of year 2015. 

An outfit with a vast range of taste in music, 
Some say it's shoegaze, some mathrock and more.
Yet nothing is concrete in the minds of the four, 
Resulting in this musical disaster in the name of /phoon/.

"Imagine "Colour" with a dash of Japanese goodness." 
- Lok @ Emptybottles.

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