Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

Phototaxis movement is conquering souls all over the world - electro souls. A rare combination between powerful and soulful vocals of the lead singer - Yael Feldinger and fascinating musical production by Itai Tsuk.
The essence of the band is expressed in the magnetizing live show!


Phototaxis occurs when an organism moves in response to the stimulus of light.

Phototaxis was born in 2007, when Itai and Yael first wrote a song called "Deja Vu".

We both felt that we captured a real moment, and then we started working every day, writing songs and creating our debut album - 'Pretty Ugly'.

Our music is influenced by different styles and musicians, like Etta james,Radiohead,Danger Mouse, Karen Dalton, Urban Species, Gilberto Gil, Black Keys, M.Ward, Dead Weather and the list goes on.....

We preformed more than 100 shows in festivals and clubs across Israel.

Now we want to go one step further, and start touring Europe.

We just finished recording our second album which was produced by Eddie Stevens (Zero 7, Moloko, Sia, etc'). We feel that the music in this album will be electrifying! We promise you nothing but the best!!


pretty ugly -released 21 October 2010

Second album should be ready around august 2012

Set List

5. Pretty ugly
7.Moving on
10. If you don't