If The Mars Volta, The New Deal, and Air had a baby and that baby grew up to collaborate with Peter Gabriel, that band would sound like Photovoltaic.


The seeds of Photovoltaic began to grow in the spring of 2005 when Wes Page (bass) and Vince Fairchild (keyboards) - both formerly of the Alienist Outfit - discovered a shared fascination with the Mars Volta, the Shins, Elvis Costello and Shiner. A few months and a handful of songs later, they recruited drummer Jason Kaplan, whose love of electronic dance and psytrance music infused the songs with kinetic energy. The three spent several months in Allston, MA hashing out the core ideas of the music, as well as improvising, building a rhythmic vocabulary, and exploring layered, evolving grooves. Guitarist Joe Bello brought his sensitive counterpoint and cinematic soundscape to complete the band.

The Photovoltaic sound has many layers and tensions. While Page's leviathan bass melodies will make your knees buckle, Bello's spacious guitar lines soar over desert canyons above Kaplan's flashes of breakbeat and Fairchild's moody synths. The group takes basic rock forms and expands them to prog-like scope, often employing a cut-and-paste method to fit in all the musical ideas they want to visit.


Debut release expected in fall 2007.

Set List

Photovoltaic's sets are filled with original music and can range from 40 to 90 minutes.