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Phranklyn Project

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"A Punk Rock Project Works for Perfection"

---The Phanklyn Project keeps punk rock alive.---

"The P-Project doesn't follow any set rules," This could be true, but perhaps that line is just another necessary ingredient to being in the perfect punk band. When the guys from the Phranklyn Project add their distortion pedals and relationships to the mix, that's just what happens: punk rock at its best.
According to their online biography, "Country life is good living, but not the place to start a band. So with this knowledge in the spring of 2004, topher didn't start one." Instead, the eponymous guitar and five other musicians from the Ozarks collaborated to record an EP titled, "In No Hurry To Grow Up!!!"
With their move to St. Louis, the musicians from the P-Project have added another layer to the area's thick punk rock scene.
The EP's theme stay faithful to the punk rock tradition with powerfully driven songs about falling in love, breaking up, and reflections on all the time in between. Lost In Something Amazing serves as an appropriate opener, revealing the band’s affection for Lisa. In their own words, "Topher enjoys making out in public with random girls named Lisa. Since Topher and their original Lisa broke it off, this song is to all future Lisa's." Hanging Pictures gives listeners another head-banging anthem with a second does of comical lyrics and a classic punk-rock cord progression in the chorus.
Lonely Nights with You slows down the metronome and leaves the guitar in a distorted but softer strum in the low register of the fretboard. Track 4 on the EP takes the band to an even mellower with addition of a piano and acoustic guitar. Multiple overdubbed vocals lines and reverb effects make the dreams that they sing about come to life with each note. From beginning to end, their CD puts punk together the way punk rockers like their punk put. Got it? Good.
In my opinion, non punk rock enthusiasts won't understand the P-Project. Their vocal harmonies tend to add layers of notes straight from the nasal cavity and the echoing vocals over highly distorted guitars can create a sound that will make some listeners cover their ears. But if you like punk and haven't heard of the Phranklyn Project, they're a band worth checking out.
Recently, the band decided to put the project on pause while they shot a video for Hanging Pictures and add another member to the band. In mid November, you'll be able to catch them back in action when they rock out at the Red Sea. If you go, prepare to tap your foot, jump up and down, and bang your head vigorously to the music you probably haven't heard before.

The Phranklyn Project:
Latest CD Title: "In No Hurry to Grow Up!!!"
For those who like: Blink 182, tattoos, and every little thing in between

By Andrew Metcalf
- The High Note (Fall 2005)


In No Hurry To Grow Up!!! (EP)2005
Turn the Radio Up! (LP)2008



When not collecting rare flavors of jolly ranchers candy, the Phranklyn Project is constantly hard at work perfecting their personal blend of power pop music. A blend that combines the tech savvy flavor of 80’s new wave with the guitar pop of the 90’s and mixes it all together with this century emo/pop punk. Forming in 2005, the Phranklyn Project has been known for melting faces and taking names. With their uncompromising hardcore, take no prisoners pop music, the Phranklyn Project has set the music industry ablaze. Through trials and tribulations the band has withstood the test of time (three years), and after several miscarriages the band has finally given birth to their 2008 release, “Turn the Radio Up!” With Kat’s pounding drums, Joe’s bouncing bass, and topher and Jimjames’ two guitar melodic pop attack, “Turn the Radio Up!” shows how much the band has grown since their ironically titled 2005 EP, “In No Hurry to Grow Up!!!” A growth undoubtedly learned from three years of stage experience. Experience that ranges from opening locally for national acts like Wheatus, Kill Hannah, Authority Zero, and Rehab; to doing their own self booked regional tours. And this is just the beginning, with no signs of stopping soon the Phranklyn Project plan on being that guilty pop pleasure that rots ones teeth out for years to come...