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Phrazes is a 17 year old multifaceted emcee, producer, designer and songwriter. Rising in and around California’s esteemed underground scene, Tony started off like most usual hip-hop heads, freestyling with friends and having rap battles with rivals at his school.


Although he started off as a battle oriented emcee, he soon would find himself making songs about the real issues people face everyday, politics, corruption, racism, etc. all issues that our society faces in these days and times. “Hip-Hop is at its worst peak ever right now, with artists like lil-john, mike jones, paul wall, im ashamed to say im apart of the same genre as them. That’s why I believe in a New Hip-Hop. Mixed a little bit with alternative. The world needs to be reminded of problems that we face everyday and with rappers like the above stated, all we learn about is drugs, sex, money and violence. nobody cares about that anymore” stated Tony. It’s apparent that he envisions a different future for hip-hop with his “New Hip-Hop” theory and with songs like “Nothing to Give”
Produced by QN5’s very own KNO and “If I” Produced by Iceskillz, featuring some group members of SLP, his plans may already be set into animation.

Later, He would soon form his own label, Street Love Poetz, he released Brothers Of Malice’s Nobody Famous [2005], a collaborative project between himself and Hostile, another highly talented emcee, which caught the attention of many fellow peers and classmates as well as other hip-hop listeners that followed his movement. He's worked with Jay Black, Hostile, Persuasion, Enless, Protection, Revile, J.C, and many other talented artists involved in the same movement as himself.
The release of the highly-anticipated Paradigm EP [2006] (Available Above!!) had followers eagerly waiting for its creation. The EP started being created since early 2004 and is now currently available for sale online. The future looks bright for this young, talented musician who refuses to be labeled a “Rapper” and would rather be titled an “Artist”.


The Escape EP - 2001
Nobody Famous - 2005
Paradigm - 2006
Rythmns N Rhymes - 2007
Different Phaces - 2007