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Even with her long list of accomplishments to date, Phreaze maintains a reputation for being one of the hardest workers in the Local Hip Hop Scene-with a work ethic second to none. A Hip Hop Entrepeneur & supporter of Youth and Community Arts, Phreaze considers herself first and Artist.


Although the driving force behind the Urban Prophetz Crew, Phreaze, a female MC, has always maintained a strong solo career, proving this with the release of her recent album titled 'Sub Zero Dynasty'.

In October of 2013, Phreaze had not one but SIX entries announced as Finalist in the Australian Independent Music Awards (4 in the Urban Category and 2 in the Music Video Category). This came not long after supporting US Artist's 'THE GAME' in Sydney, Australia & Guinness World Record Legend 'TWISTA' in Tauranga, New Zealand. Phreaze was also awarded with a Beat100 GOLD Song Award (Awarded for well written original songs) and a SILVER Video Award (awarded for high quality original video with good production values) for her second single 'Can You Come Over' , also receiving a Silver Song Award and Silver Video Award for 'Give It To Me'! In 2012, Phreaze's track 'Let Me Go' from her upcoming album 'Gravity' was nominated as a finalist in the prestigious Indie Music Awards, the MusicOz, held at the Sydney Opera House, Australia. 
In 2011, Phreaze was also nominated as "Female Artist of the Year" by Star Central Magazine, coming in runner-up in the publicly voted International competition. In 2010, along with crew, Urban Prophetz, received the Best Ethnic Act by the AAMMA's and in 2011 received a "Highly Commended" Honour via the Queensland Music Awards for the song "No Place Like Home". In July 2011, this video also reached the Number One spot on the Hot Videos List for International TV Network, MaksTV. 


A unique quality that few Hip Hop Artists (let alone FEMALE Hiphop Artists) possess is the desire and motivation to help young people achieve a better quality of life. Phreaze, also a qualified Youth Worker, develops and facilitates Hiphop Workshops among Australia's disadvantaged and disengaged youth, utilising Hiphop culture as a tool for personal development and re-engaging young people with their communities.


Major performances (some alongside Urban Prophetz members) include support acts for Bone Thugs n Harmony, Boyz II Men, Outlawz - Tupac Still Breathing Australian Tour, Project X (Tim Dog, Kool Keith & Marc Live) and New Zealand’s CHE FU, Hip Hop Sensations TYREE (Smashproof), SAVAGE and “It Only Happens” Diva Miss RENE GEYER herself! Not to mention Festivals such as Bring It On, Pacific Unity Festival and club joints KRAVE (Canberra) Booty Bar, Arizona (Sydney) & Lowdown at Central Hotel (Blacktown) while making appearances on compilations such as DJ's SirVere's Internationally acclaimed series "Major Flavours", International Grind Vol 1 and more.


Major television network appearances include Hip Hop TV, Fat Pizza, Totally Wild, Girl TV, Da Krew & Skool Torque where she's also featured on the airwaves of Triple J (live), The Edge 96.1fm, Mai FM (NZ), Radio Tainui (NZ), Raukawa FM (NZ), Koori Radio, Skid Row, Mafioso Radio, and even Detroit’s CJAM Radio with Needle 9:14. Along with crew Urban Prophetz, she's graced the front page of 3D World Magazine's Urban Supplement HOMEBASE and the FIRST LOOK section of New Zealand's Premiere Hip Hop Magazine BACK 2 BASICS in 2008. In 2011 she also featured in Star Central Magazine as the runner up of the 2010 Female Artist of the Year Competition. More recently in 2012, she graced the cover of Brisbane Newspaper THE REPORTER in the lead-up to her Album Release.

Having recently relocated back to her Motherland of Aotearoa, Phreaze is currently promoting her latest LP 'Sub Zero Dynasty' while Phreaze also continues to produce, record, perform, host events & workshops, passing on her knowledge to local communities and in particular, disadvantaged young people.

'Give It To Me' Official Video:
'Can You Come Over' Official Video:

Live Performance in Tauranga (New Zealand):
'No Place Like Home' (Urban Prophetz) Official Video:
'Wilin Out' (UPR Fam) Official Video: 


No Place Like Home

Written By: Urban Prophetz - Phreaze, Likwid Eyece, Rawz + Swizz Da Hori


VERSE 1 – Likwid Eyece
Theres a sacred place I like to roam
Damn right it’s the place that I call home (Gisborne)
On the east in the bay of poverty
On the chase for the real monopoly
We had to hustle much harder than most
Had at least ten spots a block selling the smoke
No producers, no beats, and no studios
Had a five buck mic ten cassettes and a stereo
Had baby mama drama like here we go
Now I travel by sound waves through aerials
We spit it rough as guts, raw material
The urban prophetz squad is more than imperial
We got the Mystchiff Maykahs, Buddha Pound
Rawz and Caede and the bros when we come around
Patches all around stay hori underground
Its only natural when your coming up from the g-town

CHORUS - Swizz
No other place I’d rather be,
It’s my History,
A place full of memories,
No enemies,
I’m reminiscin all around my way,
Gotta get my groove on,
Even though we’ve moved on,
There ain’t no place like home

VERSE 2 - Phreaze
Click my red slippers together 3 times and I’m home/
No need to reminisce I’m makin’ memories as I go/
Despite respite care, I feel the world on my shoulders/
In spite of nightmares, I still strive like a soldier/
I told you we were commin’ but some didn’t believe/
I’d be rockin’ back home with UPR as the Phreaze/
Rapped in Gizzy, Whakatane & in TGA too/
On a sold out tour supportin’ the boys from Smashproof/
(swizz) There’s no place Like Home/
No matter where I roam that’s where I’mma always belong/
(swizz) There’s no bass like home/
Every song is expression from the soul/
(swizz) There’s no pace like home, yay yeah/
No matter how long I been gone, still know I can roll home/
As I move on I’m never forgettin’ never forgettin’ never forgettin, forgettin’ where I came from/


VERSE 3 – Rawz
Take me back to where it all began/
Put me under the sunshine and put my feet in the sand/
I gotta get up and leave without a farewell plan/
And if they wanna know the ups im going to my homeland/ Sooo…
Put the mic in my hand and let me serve em right/
Cause this is food for thought and it’s a rappers delight/
And im reppin G city till the end of my life
and my home is where my heart is imma keep it in sight/


When the Lights Go Out

Written By: Urban Prophetz - Phreaze, Likwid Eyece, Rawz, Rymez

When the Lights Go Out
The bottles gon’ pop, straight spirits on the rocks, and you know we got it locked/
When the Lights Go Out
With the sounds goin loud, when the sun comes up ‘til the sun goes down/
When the Lights Go Out

VERSE 1 – Phreaze
When the lights go out, it’s time to sell your soul/
Enter the dark abyss as once again it’s on/
Misbehave in the shady havens, spend your savin’s, let the alcohol take the pain/
Awakin’ as the sun sets, on the horizon/
Forget the debt collectors they ain’t workin’ past 5 son/
Can’t help but succumb to the temporary distractions/
Irrisistable, sinister attractions/
VERSE 2 – Rawz
Recloose into the darkness with pockets full of harvest,
Illuminate the pastures and burn it like a carcass,
Sipping steady trippin on that liquor to get plastered,
Then swinging left to rights just at any given target,
A Pitbull in a harness, Seeing through the shadows,
Dressed in all black got me sharper than an arrow,
I guzzle down a barrel of NZ’s finest,
Green Grenades Dropping somebody ring the sirens

When the Lights Go Out
The bottles gon’ pop, straight spirits on the rocks, and you know we got it locked/
When the Lights Go Out
With the sounds goin loud, when the sun comes up ‘til the sun goes down/
When the Lights Go Out



CAN YOU COME OVER - Single (Phreaze 2013)

GIVE IT TO ME - Single (Phreaze 2012)

SHOWDOWN - Single (Phreaze 2011)

CALL OF DUTY - Album (Urban Prophetz 2010)
Instrumental by T Sharp
Instrumental by T Sharp
4.MOVE ft Horified & Asher
Instrumental by Tsharp
5.LET IT BE KNOWN ft Rythmic
Instrumental by T Sharp
6.POETRY ft Asher & Rythmic
Instrumental by Voltronn
Instrumental by T Sharp
Instrumental by Castar
12. GRIMEY STREET SH*T ft Rythmic
Instrumental by T Sharp
13. INTERLUDE (Phreaze)
14.YOU AIN'T ALL THAT ft Horified
Instrumental by T Sharp
15.WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT ft Rythmic & Asher
Instrumental by Castar
16.RUNAWAY ft Swizz
Instrumental by T Sharp
19.JUKEBOX (Bonus Track)
Instrumental by Voltronn

WILIN OUT - Single (UPR Fam 2009)
1. Wilin Out

9 Track Non-Explicit Urban Prophetz Sampler released specifically for National Youth Week 2009.

LET ME GO - Single (Phreaze, 2008)
1. Borderline Security ft Christie Faith
2. Let Me Go ft Joseph Gatehau

YOUTH WEEK COLLECTION (Urban Prophetz 2008)
9 Track Non-Explicit Urban Prophetz Sampler released specifically for National Youth Week 2008.

I SEE YOU - Single (Phreaze 2008)
1. I See You
2. Up There

WE HOLD THE CARDS VOL. 1 - Compilation (2007)
20-Track Compilation Featuring Urban Prophetz at Track 16.

BYSA BOYS - Compilation (2007)
4-Track Compilation of Original Music by Youth in the Community of Western Sydney NSW, Australia. Project Coordinated, Produced by and Featuring Phreaze.

INTERNATIONAL GRIND VOL. 1 - Compilation (2007)
19 "H Town Spot"

THE ALPHA - Album (2007)
1. Pass The Mic
2. Prophetz Roll ft Chantal
3. Down to Ride
7. Hook Up ft Vee
8. H Town Spot
10. Illusions
11. Back In The Day ft Vee
13. Say Whut U Want
15. Urban Misfits

EVANS BOYS - Compilation (2006)
8-Track Compilation of Original Music by Youth in the Community of Western Sydney NSW, Australia. Project Coordinated, Produced by Featuring Phreaze.

BEST FROM THE MOB REDFERN - Compilation (Urban Prophetz 2005)
12-Track Compilation featuring "Urban Misfitz" at Track 8.

BACK 2 DA LAB - Compilation (2005)
8-Track Compilation of Original Music by Youth in the Community of South Sydney NSW, Australia. Project Coordinated and Produced by and Featuring Urban Prophetz.

VERBAL ESSENCES - Compilation (2004)
8-Track Compilation of Original Music by Young Women in the Community of South Sydney NSW, Australia. Track 1 Features Phreaze's "Say Waht" and Track 8, "Hard to Resist Us" is a collaborative track featuring all artists on the Compilation. Both Instrumentals were produced by Phreaze.