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CATALOG: 6 catalog titles have sold over 250,000 to date.


With the groups upcoming sixth release, “HYDRO PHONIC” releases on OGLIO/FONTANA/UNIVERSAL September 25th, 2007.
The Phunk Junkeez are throwing a worldwide party, and everyone's invited!

This new recording is a rock-mixture, a fusion of hip hop, punk, funk and rock music styles with the Junkeez infamous lyrical energy. "Hydro Phonic" was recorded in the band's new downtown recording studio in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.
They will also be touring from October 2007 and beyond to fully support this new release and bring it right to their friends and fans, up front and in your face.

‘‘This recording wasn't dictated by a budget, a record company or anything like that,” says Soulman. “We started with our old school style of writing, which is to get your head bobbin' or rockin' with a beat. Then we brought in some fresh new ideas. It was just us lettin' whatever we would record first end up being the final take. It gave all the new songs some funky freestyle kind of flavor.”

Through their consistent touring, record sales and visibility, the Junkeez have developed a core underground fan base. It’s the fans that have always kept this band moving forward and upward. The PJ’s have sold over 250,000 units and gained a dedicated 50,000 plus MySpace fans, who have already checked out the sneak-peak release of the song & video for "JOIN IN”. The PJs perform over 120 shows a year in the United States, and with Japan on the rise, they are gaining a strong international following. The Phunk Junkeez have toured extensively over the years and performed with the likes of Primus, Kottonmouth Kings, No Doubt, Pennywise, Incubus, Run DMC, Lenny Kravitz, Insane Clown Posse, Wu Tang Clan, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Linkin Park and most recently 311.

The Phunk Junkeez have been featured on more than 40 film, television and videogame soundtracks such as: “Harold & Kumar Go to Whitecastle,” "Tommy Boy," “Adidas World Cup Soccer,” “NBA Finals,” “Fox Sports,” “ESPN X-GAMES,” “Last Ride,” “American Werewolf In Paris,” “Disturbing Behavior” and “ATV v. MX 3.”

Through it all, the PJ's continue doing their thing, staying true to who they are and not buying into any of the trends of the moment. They have ultimately become a catalyst & stable for a style of music which they helped create. Jumbo Jim adds, “from the start we were always doing our own thing, and we still bring that original Phunk Junkeez style to every show and party we put on.”

Be sure to catch the party with the Phunk Junkeez at


ADIDAS world cup soccer commercial “I Am A Junkee” back ground soundtrack
TOMMY BOY” movie title track “Love It Loud” Kiss Cover. And title song on
the commercially released soundtrack.

“Disturbing Behavior” song in the film soundtrack

“Chairman of the Board” featuring Carrot Top. song in the film soundtrack

“AMERICAN WAREWOLF in PARIS” song in the film soundtrack

National Lampoon‘s “Senior Trip” song in the film soundtrack

“Sugar & Spice” song in the film soundtrack

Fox Sports “CORE CULTURE” 30 min. weekly program. Theme song and cutaways.

“LAST RIDE” featuring Dennis Hopper. song in the film soundtrack
NBA FINALS on ABC/ESPN song in the commercial cutaways

NHL Cool Shots on FOX Sports song & video clips used in a montage with
player highlights.

UFC Fight in Las Vegas, NV song used when the fighters enter the ring

“HAROLD & KUMAR Go to WHITE CASTLE” song in the film soundtrack. And 2 songs
on the commercially released soundtrack.

“MX vs. ATV UNLEASHED” song in the video game soundtrack, Play Station 3.

PHUNK JUNKEEZ music is used a lot on FUEL TV network, and throughout the
skate, snow and lifestyle community. Most of this licensing is done gratis.
As most of these films are low budget, but these films help brand the band
with the “underground” sports & music community.


The Phunk Junkeez LLC

(602) 510-3151 cell


Self Titled -1992
Injected - 1995
Fear of a Wack Planet - 1998
JUNK E.P. - 1999
SEX,DRUGS and RAP N' ROLL - 2001
Rock It Science - 2003
Hydro Phonic 2007