Phyllis Pastore

Phyllis Pastore


Phyllis Pastore is a cabaret performer who brings to the stage over 15 years of experience as a solo and ensemble performer. Her vast and varied repertoire, warm presence and big, belting voice, make Phyllis a welcome addition to any Cabaret venue or event.


Since arriving in New York in October, 1988, Ms. Pastore has been awarded the 1989 Bistro Award presented by Backstage for Outstanding Performance by a Female Vocalist. In 1990, she was nominated for a MAC Award by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs for Outstanding Debut Performance, and in 1995 was named Entertainer of the Year by CaB Magazine as a member of the cast in the revue Red, Hot and Cheap.

Phyllis has also appeared on live radio through the broadcast of New York Cabaret Nights, starring Steve Ross, where she was billed with Ann Hampton Callaway and Eartha Kitt. Since 1991, Ms. Pastore has been invited to perform at the annual Cabaret Convention, sponsored by the Mabel Mercer Foundation, held at Town Hall in NYC, where she has achieved critical acclaim. Phyllis has been the vocalist of choice for special engagements at New York's elegant Algonquin Hotel, Windows on the World, One If By Land, Tavern on the Green and the 21 Club (where she performed for honored guest, Ted Kennedy). She has also been chosen to perform at a number of fund-raisers for Congressman Steve Gunderson.

Recent years have taken Phyllis beyond the borders of the United States. She was the first cabaret singer to be invited to perform at the acclaimed Wexford Opera Festival in Wexford, Ireland. She spent the 1995 winter season in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, performing at Wyndham's Sugar Bay Resort. Phyllis is going into her 8th season performing at Montparnasse/The Piano Bar in Mykonos, Greece, where she charms European audiences with American popular music. In November, 2001 Phyllis completed her first tour in Germany where she performed six concerts in six cities. The tour concluded in Hamburg where she performed to an audience of 2000 people as a part of the World AIDS Day benefit. She was on the bill with such popular artists as Terrance Trent Darby and the musical group Alcazar.

Ms. Pastore has sung with 16 and 20 piece orchestras, 4 and 6 piece jazz combos, a 14 piece country/western band, and (much to their chagrin!) a dixieland band on the street in front of the Lincoln Center in NYC!

In short, Ms. Pastore has proven to be a dynamic and versatile performer, at home both on the big stage and in the intimate setting of the cabaret.


Night of My Nights

Written By: Forrest/Drake

Play on the cymbal
The timbal,the lyre
Play with appropriate passion
Fashion songs of delight
And delicious desire
For the Night of My Nights.

Come where the so well beloved is waiting
Where the rose and the jasmine mingle
While I tell him the moon is for mating
And 'tis sin to be single!

(end of clip)

Love For Sale

Written By: Cole Porter

Love For Sale
Appetizing, young love for sale
Love that's fresh and still unspoiled
Love that's only slightly soiled
Love For Sale.

Who will buy?
Who would like to sample my supply?
Who's prepared to pay the price
For a trip to paradise
Love For Sale.

(end of clip)

I Was Beautiful

Written By: Murray Grand

Last night I was up 'til a quarter past dawn
Putting mud on my face 'til each wrinkle was gone.
I poured on my head a solution of dye
And dropped Bella Donna into each eye.
I plucked out my eyebrows until 5:15 and then strapped myself in my reducing machine
I said to myself "Think Thin, Think Thin"
Then I turned all the dials and I plugged myself in.

I woke up the morning and lo and behold
I Was Beautiful!
My face was the face of a twenty year-old
I Was Beautiful.
My Eyes shown likd stars,
My lips lucious red
And that's how I looked when I jumped out of bed!
I couldn't believe what I saw in the glass
For the image of me was a ravishing lass.
I sprinkled myself with expensive perfume
I smelled beautiful.
Then I donned every jewel I could find in the room
I felt beautiful
And like a gazelle I dashed down the street
When a dashing young man dashed me right off my feet
And confirmed my suspisions that, yes, indeed,
I Was Beautiful!

(end of clip)


At Last - 1999
Phyllis Pastore - Live in Germany! - 2001
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Repertoire contains over 400 songs which include selections from the Great American Songbook, soft pop, 1960's pop, musical comedy and specialty material, Broadway favorites and standard jazz. Sets are 45-55 minutes long, with the option for audience requests available. Most sets are designed specifically for the occasion and particular performance space.