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Who says you need a sample to phyl a piece of yesterday? “That rule doesn’t apply to Phylz Deep”, according to a recent Bay Area interview, claiming his music encompasses all genres with sounds familiar to the 70’s, 80’s, funk, pop & soul. Phylz Deep has designed a masterpiece of artistry crafted specifically for his new album, INFIN8.

“Record labels have contributed to the unfortunate demise of music containing soul, soul being the foundation to all great songwriting and originality”, says Deep. “Creativity is a fire that fuels desire to achieve the best in you. Without soul, what is there?”

Phylz forthcoming album, INFIN8, was written, produced, and designed by the artist himself and will be released on his Indie-label, Kandiland Music and INgrooves Pure Digital Music label. Deep’s dynamic pairing of vocals and audio design takes you on a journey through time while ingeniously displaying a modern day appeal. And for added excitement, INFIN8 features a sharp roster of family members showcasing pure vocal charisma throughout the album.

In addition to producing music, Kandiland has been chosen to perform voice-over work by cutting edge video game artists and development companies including the eccentric gaming icon, American McGee. Kandiland is currently under contract on the smoking hot PC based game titled “Bad Day LA”, where Deep plays the leading role of “ANTHONY”, a character faced with the insurmountable task of trying to save the world in just one day. Phylz talents spread like wildfire soon after the project’s initial inception, landing him Creative Director of voice-overs for 120 of the games characters. Did I mention he produced a track for the game too? By now you’re starting to get the picture…. This man never rests!

It should come as no surprise that this independent artist involves himself with every last detail pertaining to his music, beginning with production and continuing straight through to the carefully thought out marketing scheme behind his smooth tight image. A perfect example of Deep’s marketing plan in action surrounds “Take a picture”, an excerpt from the album’s first single “Fabulous” created to be an 80’s throwback in time.

No stranger to the business, Phylz Deep has learned to lay low and watch patiently while allowing his methodical mind to critique his own creations as well as the music industry as a whole. Working, producing and performing with famous artists such as George Clinton, MC Hammer, Lee Anne Rimes, and Cake over the years is a clear representation of just how deep Deep’s pocket full of diversity dives!

“My passion for music began at a very young age and has served as a consistent source of inspiration throughout my life. This passion fed a strong desire to design a work of art bearing universal colors, one that you and I and the rest of the world could relate to and embrace the joy that music adds to our lives.”

“INFIN8” offers a gumbo blend of R&B, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Dance, Jazz, and Comedy all rolled up into a mixture of yesterday served on a platter today. The album’s warm vocals, sultry Rhodes, catchy melodies, and crafty hooks brings a swaggering new sound to the circuit through the delivery of pulsating beats, thick bass lines, seductive synths, and exudes a wealth of class. -7x7 Magazine

“I wanted to write something fun, upbeat and positive for all ages to enjoy”, says Deep, as his body fidgets slightly while his mind is visibly racing, anxious to get started on the composition of his next big hit. Given the rare opportunity to watch Phylz Deep in motion gives you the sneaking suspicion that history is about to be made here as you delve into the inner depths and creative imagination of a superstar.

When you catch yourself saying, “Oh! That sounds like?” or “Girl! That’s My Jam”, just remember, he meant to do that!



Written By: Phylz Deep

Written, Produced, Performed by Phylz Deep (KMG) copyright

The force, it’s got a lot of funk you see
It makes me phyl like…FABULOUS
I phyl so Fab
They can’t program us…Bank that on the funk x2
“My image, take ah picture”

These pieces coming in my dreams
I don’t mind I prefer the sleep
Digital images of me cradling your body baby
Healing me sexually, on & on & on
Distorted phases of a cry
They don’t think that we don’t read between their lies (govt.)
All I have is my truth and you
They can’t program us baby our bodies refuse

The Noise- Static- I’m Poised- FABULOUS
The Klub- Choice- The Life- It’z YOURZ
The Beat- Ha- Noise (Is A Rhythm)
My Image- Take Ah Picture- Poised- FABULOUS

Artificial personalities lifts my seclusion, cuz
I trust no word they speak
So what! If my disco R&B feeds me
Don’t let that fool ya in my veins funk is what I bleed
Imagine nations wanting 2 fly
They can’t lift off from the corruption in disguise
We are strong as we allow 2 be
They can’t program us baby we lift off in 3`2`1

The Noise- Static- I’m Poised- FABULOUS
The Klub- Choice- The Life- It’s YOURZ
The Beat- Ha- (Is A Rhythm)
My Image- Take Ah Picture- Poised- So FABULOUS

All Golden- It’z Just Like Gold and
I’m Showing- Holding My Pose and (Take Ah Picture) Ya Knowing- It’z Just Like Flowing
Golden- Rolling- Rolling, Rolling- On & On Again

U can do what cha want, but cha can’t if ya don’t
U can bank that on the funk
U better get it right, U better live your life
U can move 2 the groove, stomp the beat in your shoes
U can do what’s right
U better get it right, U better live your life

How much U put into something Is what U get back
When U achieve your goals U can say I did that
4phyl your dreams your desires and ambitions
Stay dedicated and don’t stop until U finish ya mission
It phylz good U got your sheen in your gleam
Plus ya boost your self esteem we’re all the same underneath
The difference is what makes us unique
They can’t program us we’re 2 FABULOUS!!!

Fade 2 End:

All Lyrics Copyright, Audio Banks Publishing, ASCAP

Written By: All Lyrics Copyright, Audio Banks Publishing, ASCAP

All Lyrics Copyright, Audio Banks Publishing, ASCAP


1993 - Double Image - Nodd Yo Head II This, The Dizzack, Girl I Really Miss You
1993 - Phylly Phyl - Kandiflip'N
1993 - Phylly Phyl - Martel, Nabiel Presents-Live Acts
1994 - Phylly Phyl - If U Came II Party, Phyl-losophy, A Cold Day In June, Be My Valentine, Whyyawannatreatmethisway, Free, Sex - Album Recorded in Hawaii
1995 - Phylly Phyl - Here We Go Again, Puppet, Hot Like This, Kandiflip'N Remix
1996 - Phylly Phyl - Compilation - Can Ya Phyl Me Baby, Songs From 1989 To 1996
1997 - Business Manager - World Famous Hyde St. Studios, 2yrs.
1998 - Heavy Experimentation Of Musical Styles, Genres and Sounds
1998 - Phylly Phyl Concert Reel - Tell Me, Show U Something, Sho Nuff Love Ya Baby, Plus 3 Remakes From Dbl. Image's 1993 EP
1998 - DJ Norman Stradley Project - Free Shade, True Love
1998 - DJ Norman - European "Loopgroovulous" Tour
1998 - CAKE - "Prolonging The Magic" Album - Platinum
1998'99 - Kandiland Records Tours Europe
2000 - Phylly Phyl - Retires Music
2001 - Phylz Deep - The Arrival - Toured As DJ/Artist Around The World, Released 5 Mixed CD's and Several Underground Mixes
2002 - Present - Voice Overs, Sound Design For Radio, Video Games And More
2003 - Unretired - Wrote Over 40 New Songs To Experiment And Release
2004 - Developed, Produced New Artist To Sign On The KMG Label
2005 - Phylz Deep - Teamed With Multi-Platinum Super Dope "Nick Thomas" (Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Jay Z....etc.) For Production, Engineering, Mixdown On The Upcoming Album "INFIN8"

2005 - Bad Day L.A. The Video Game - Creative Director Of Voice Overs - The Voice Of Lead Character "Anthony" - For Gaming Icon American McGee's Sizzling PC based Game (BDLA), Due 2006 - Xbox, PC

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