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Coming out of the hot bed of urban music known as the ATL, Phyrst Born promises to deliver ground breaking music that pushes the envelope yet still remain faithful to the true essence of HipHop. New album due out in 2006!


“Listen, Hip Hop is not just music, it is a way of life and I live life to the fullest.”

Hip Hop first found Jamal Lowery in 1984 on an elementary school playground; the setting where he encountered his first opponent in a face-to-face MC battle. This was a defining moment in the life of the Hip Hop artist who we now know as Phyrst Born. A bond and a deep love for the art of Hip Hop were rooted within Phyrst. A bond, in which over the years, has only grown stronger.

In his early years, Phyrst did not write any of his rhymes. He free styled every word and verse created in the heat of battle. As his skills developed and as his unique style became more refined, Phyrst began to put his thoughts down on paper. He believed this action would bring more depth and emotion to his lyrics, and soon he discovered he was right. Through writing his words, Phyrst was able to better organize his thoughts and express his true feelings about life and his perception about the state of Hip Hop.

In the early 90’s, while continuing to write and develop his ability as an MC, Phyrst decided to take his music to greater heights. Never wanting to be a “run of the mill” artist, Phyrst began to masterfully integrate into his existing sound many of his musical influences, such as the essence of soul, funk, jazz, and the hard hitting break beats and rhythms of Hip Hop.

There remained a key element missing from Phyrst Born’s complete package: the component of effective stage presence. He began frequenting open mic venues and entering showcases when ever possible. Receiving energy from the crowds he performed for, Phyrst is able to invigorate himself and his rhymes, and deliver an electrifying stage show. Just as he had mastered the art of free styling and writing, Phyrst has become a multi-talented and impressive MC. These skills have been recognized by Hip Hop Pioneer KRS ONE, and Phyrst recently toured nationally with KRS on the “Keep Right” promotional tour.

His first solo LP, “The Session,” is a personal statement about his thoughts on the current state of Hip Hop and a testament to the years of hard work and devotion he has given to this art form. With the lyrical presence of Rakim, the hard-core B-Boy style of an early LL Cool J, and the finesse of Big Pun, Phyrst Born is destined to take Hip Hop and the world of music by storm!


"The Session" Full length CD released summer 2004

Set List

Hustla, 48 bars, Don't cross That Line, Stand Up, HipHop Raw, The Realist, Streets Feelin It