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Hailing from upstate New York, Physha P is one of the dopest new groups in the hip hop game. Members Wa Peace and Bebe are bringing hip hop to the next level with their futuristic style, conscious messages, and “upgrades” to the game.
You guys were in L.A for the BET Awards. I heard you performed at Lex Deux?
Yeah we did Le Deux and we did the official Ne-Yo after party with Ne-yo hosting it. We did Club Zushi and Green Door. It was dope. It was real real dope. Shout out to BET. We came out here did our performance. Make sure we showed face. It was a real real good experience out here.
So everybody showed y’all love?
Mos def. We ran into Mistah Fab out here. So hopefully we can do a record with him soon.
How did you come up with the name Physha P?
Well Physha P is a really really long story. But long story short, it basically means do what you do. If you listen to us talk and listen to our conversation sometimes we talk in our own language. And that’s kinda where it came from our own little language. Its basically just be yourself. Just do what you do and don’t let anybody steer you away from that.
I was reading some things about you and I read that you had a few groups before you became Physha P. Can you guys tell me about how you got from your first group to now.
Wa Peace: Well me and Bebe came together in highschool.We formed a group called the Hot Spittaz and a good friend of ours that passed away, Chris Mendez, was a part of it.
Bebe: Ya know when ya young you’re just having fun, havin a good time. Hotspittaz was like a small Wutang clan. A bunch of kids, 9th grade coming together over music and stuff like that. Then that summer Chris passed away, rest in Peace to him. But then the other member s of the group just broke apart. Wa Peace and I were the only two left. So we just took it to the top and we just kept at it.
Getting back to the BET Awards, what about Michael Jackson? How has he influenced your music and you music career period? How has he influenced you and touched you?
Michael Jackson touched a lot of people in a lot of ways. His performance piece is amazing.
And I know one thing that Physha P is bringing to the hip hop game is an actual performance piece. Were not trying to really go up on stage and waste your time. We tryna give the fans something to really look at and be entertained. We really put on a crazy show. Another
influence by MJ was that his messages to the world were so heavy and real. So that whenever
we make Physha P music we wanna make sure that we have a theme or that were telling you something of relevance. {Our message} is to do what you do and be yourself. Rest in peace to Michael Jackson.
Well I heard Do what you do. I really like that track.
Does it make you wanna do what you do?
Oh, I do what I do. Trust! I heard the song y’all mixed with Kelly Clarkson. How did y’all think to come up with that?
Well that’s actually the kick off single of our mixtape; The Fam presents Physha Welcome to Next Level Hip Hop. On the mixtape we took songs that we love. Physha P is hip hop based but we are not 100 percent hip hop. We wanted to just show that we love all different genres. And Kelly Clarkson Here I am is one of those tracks we love. We just wanted to take that song and upgrade it. And keep upgrading it and take it to the next level. That’s exactly what Physha P is all about.
As far as taking it to the next level of hip hop, what do you mean by that? How are you planning to do that?
Wa Peace: Well, right now hip hop is a big outlet to the community and I don’t feel it’s shown in a positive light. When Physha P is talking about taking it to the next level we’re not just talking about upgrading but bringing an actual message that can uplift the community.
While we were over here in California we did a couple Boys and Girls Clubs. We got to speak to the kids and let them know that it’s about more than the money. It’s about actually being yourself and doing what you love to do. So when we say we are bringing things to the next level, we are really trying to bring the community up and uplift the community in a positive light.
So you think it’s really important to give back to the community.
Yes, because it’s up to us to raise the next generation. We don’t want to raise them on Cristal and bling. We want them to have a peace of mind. They don’t have to just be a Trick Daddy they can be a Barack Obama.
What aspects of your music do you feel separate you from other artists today. Whether it’s your messages or style, what separates you?
Bebe: One is our image, our look. We’re a bright group of kids when it comes to that. We’re in your face. We’re naturally different. We are real retroish and futuristic. We also put on performances. Like Wa peace said before today many hip hop artists just get on the stage, grab their crotch and as a fan you just spent 40 dollars to be bored. See we sweat for our fans. We really put on a show. We looked at groups like Bell Biv De - Fushion Magazine (Vol2Issue3)


AFTER WINNING MOST of the major artist
showcases in NYC since the Summer of 08 .
Physpa P are now ready to take on Europe ,
Asia and the world with their promotional single, “Here I
Am (the UPGRADE)” ft. Kelly Clarkson, which has already
garnered considerable Internet and club buzz. PP’s offi cial
single, “Do What You Do,” was released Jan. 5, 2009 and has
been gaining quite a buzz on mixtapes, mixshows and radio
around the world. To support the single nationally, PP’s
record label is executing national college radio, commercial
mixshow radio, and record pool promotions in both the US
and Canada. In addition, national PR efforts, Internet, viral
marketing is also in place to support that act and music
for the next 6 months. As a result of all this promotional
effort, their myspace receives at least 5,000 plays per day
and 5,000 views per day. So, who exactly are PHYSHA P?
They are an Alternative, diverse Hip-Hop act with a sound
as eclectic as their name. PP’s not the usual Hip-Hip act;
Physha P PUTS ON A SHOW, as is apparent in their live
performances posted on Not
only is their performance engaging, high energy, but it is
also clean, family friendly and full of fun. Whether or Physha
P performs with our without their background dancers they
ALWAYS put on a high-octane performance. With sincerity
and style, it’s PP’s goal to create “NEXT Level hip-hop.”
iNViNCiBLE: What have you guys been up to this week?
Physpa P: Our single ‘Do what you do’ has been
released so we are currently getting a lot of feedback
of that. We have been going to colleges and high
schools to promote our single on our mixtape featuring
Kelly Clarkson. Also we have been doing interviews for
magazines, TV shows and radio stations.
iNViNCiBLE: Wow sounds like you guys have been
very busy. So what are your plans for Valentines?
PP: I have no plans for tomorrow. I am currently single
so I think I am just going to hang out with my mum and
take her somewhere nice.
iNViNCiBLE: Aw, that is really sweet of you. So tell
us why you have called yourself Physha P?

PP: Well it was an inside joke between us. Its represents
being yourself and not being scared of doing what you
are doing. So people should feel that they shouldn’t be
sacred to be themselves, and this is what represents us.
iNViNCiBLE: How did your group come about?
PP: We met in high school. When we met we didn’t like
each other at all. We both had really strong personalities
so we turned that to something more positive.
iNViNCiBLE: What can we expect from you this year?
PP: This year we will be doing a tour around the USA,
hopefully touring around the world. We are bringing out
our new mix tape, as well as promoting ourselves and
blowing up big.
iNViNCiBLE: Do you have any collaborations coming
up, and are you planning on visiting the UK?
PP: Yeah well we defi nitely want to come to the UK,
and hopefully we will get the chance. In terms of
collaborations we do want to work with many artist so
this year is a good year for that.
Media: For Physha P’s music, video, bio, press kit, etc.,
please visit:
For drops, interviews, show bookings, etc. contact
Co-Manager: Simon Ash, t: 001646 546 5260
f: 001646 688 4360 or m: 001516 376 6183
E-mail: - Invincible Magazine (UK)

Physha P are planning to mark their name in the library of legends, and sit on the shelves alongside the
likes of Sugerhill Gang, Run DMC and Notorious B.I.G. That’s quite a bit statement to make, but totally
realistic for the the next Hip-Hop duo to enter the main stage.
Arman “Bebe Boohgz” Dixon and Semu “Wa Peace” Walusimbi are an unlikely pairing brought
together by focus, drive, and a love of all things music. Currently signed by independent label “Da Fam
Entertainment”, the New-York based lyricists are creating a storm of interest through MySpace (over
350,000 plays) along with a growing legion of fans worldwide.

To add to the current wave of hype, March 18th sees Physha P perform on BET 106 & PARK! This is a
huge opportunity for Physha P, and the millions who tune in are sure to take to the classy duo.
Furthermore Physha P’s Smash Hits “Do What You Do” & “Shorty’s Got Me” are now all in ALL
DIGITAL STORES, including iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster. Check out the links for more info. - Live the Lifestyle

Whether you’re a fan or not, you’re no doubt
familiar with Kelly Clarkson‘s megahit
Behind These Hazel Eyes; released in 2005
as the third single off sophomore album
Breakaway, the record continues to receive
radio play to this day. Be that as it may,
Arman “Bebe Boohgz” Dixon and
Sumu “Wa Peace” Walusimbi of Physha P
have accomplished the seemingly-impossible
feat of making this well-worn record sound
new again. Here I Am, a cut off the duo’s
forthcoming Welcome to NEXT Level Hip-Hop
mixtape, finds Boohgz refashioning the
American Idol winner’s chart-smashing
breakup song into a driving, guitar-heavy
beat, and both members match the
instrumental’s intensity with high-energy
verses detailing their plans to conquer the
rap game. Here I Am introduces Physha P as
a duo with plenty of potential, and should
help build anticipation for NEXT Level Hip-
Hop‘s March release. -

Physha P is an alternative/hip-hop group
with a sound as eclectic as their unusual
name. The group consist of 2 members.
Arman "Bebe Boohgz" Dixon and Sumu
"Wa Peace" Walusimbi are an unlikely
pairing brought together by focus, drive.
and a love orall thmgs music. Their affiliation
started in school but has trascendedto
kinship that is represented in their
music.With such diverse talents, Physha P
brings a brand of excellence that has set
them apart from the average Me. Wa Peace
takes great pride in his Ugandan ancestry.
The self-described "Champion of the
Underdog" founded RPM (Rhythm Poetry
Music), an organization that unites and preserves
African culture. RPM continues to
spread awareness to a number
of causes from the Jena Six to the genocide
in Sudan, using music as beacon of hope.
Bebe is not only a star on the mic-he IS
also a star athlete. He leads the Division 1
Men's Track team at Sacred Heart
University. He is the 400m NCAA East
regional champion, and could soon be on
his Beilmg- he's currently participating
in the 2008 Olympic trials In the
200m and 400m dash. Fornow, Physha P
are signed to independent record label Da
Fam Entertainment. and is taking New York
by storm with their energetic live show.
Their music is generating buzz on
MySpace. as well as a growing l~gion of
fans worldwide. like tneir track "Boodbye"
perfectly sums up: "This is all a feeling.
playa." Physha P has the potential to
Impact the hip hop game forever, and to put
their stam on outh culture. - Hype Magazine print edition (Issue 28)


2010 Commercial Releases:

1. "Can't Stop Loving You"

2. "Shining Like A Diamond"

3. "Do What You Do (Official Version)"

2009 Releases*

1. "Do What You Do (test version)

2. "Shorty's Got Me"

*both 2009 releases have attained streaming and radio play through out 2009.



“Now what you hear is not a test, I’m rocking to the beat…, Walk this way, talk this way… ,Live from Bedford Stuyvesant, the livest one…, Up jumps da boogie, da boogie jumps me…”

Hip-Hop culture made its initial impact in the basements of urban youth circa the summer of 1979. “Rapper’s Delight” brought a new sound to the mainstream. Ever since, innovative Hip-Hop collaborations have created fresh sounds that have taken the genre in exciting, unpredictable directions. The Hip-Hop trio Physha P Fam (Fish-Uh-P) is ready to take their place among Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC, Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy, and groundbreakers Missy Elliott and Timbaland. With earnestness and confident style, it is PPF’s mission to create “NEXT Level Hip-Hop.”

Physha P Fam is an alternative/Hip-Hop group with a sound as eclectic as their unusual name. Group members Arman “Bebe Boohgz” Dixon, Dashawn “Day-Day” Woodson, and Luizinho “b.i.g. Lou” Louis are an unlikely pairing brought together by life’s tests, focus, drive, and a love of all things music.

Unafraid to personally and musically be themselves, Physha P Fam continues to push their creative envelope and create their own lane. This unwavering attitude has allowed them to attain an international online following, gain support from major DJ coalitions, win major NYC showcases, perform live on BET’s 106& Park, win BET’s “Blaze the Stage Summer Invitational 09,” receive an Underground Music Awards nomination for “Best Rap Duo,” and get their upcoming single, “Do What You Do”, added to Music Choice. These are just a few of their recent accomplishments. PPF credits the likes of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Big L, Eminem, Nas, Run DMC, and Usher as just a few of their many influences.

Physha P Fam originated in upstate NY as a 5-man Hip-Hop act, Universal Threat, which then evolved into a 3-man high school group known as the Hot Spittaz. However, tragedy struck the budding group when a car accident claimed the young life of one of its members, Chris Members. Bebe kept moving forward with the spirit of his friend in his heart, making his hunger for success even stronger. Around this time, Bebe met b.i.g. Lou and, later, Day-Day. As a result of continuous music collaborations, which displayed their diverse, yet, complimentary talents, and a never ending hunger to bring their brand of Hip-Hop to the world, Bebe, Day-Day and b.i.g. Lou came together to form a super group. So began the story of Physha P Fam.

With such diverse talents and backgrounds, Physha P Fam brings a brand of unique excellence setting them apart from today’s average Hip-Hop acts. Bebe Boohgz is not only a star on the mic – he is also a star athlete. He led the Division 1 Men’s Track team at Sacred Heart University for all four years of his college career. In addition, he was the 2008 400m NCAA East regional champion and participated in the 2008 Olympic trials for the 200m and 400m dash. b.i.g. Lou started his music career as a member of the group the 4Horsemen, a battle rap outfit. Unable to find the business support needed, b.i.g. decided to learn the business of music. He later was accepted into NYU’s famed Stern School of Business and from there secured internships at Loud Records and Arista Records, managed a handful of artists and producers, earned employment opportunities at NY’s Hot97 and EMI, and eventually founded PPF’s current label, Da Fam Music & Entertainment. After playing a significant production and marketing role in creating a buzz for Kat DeLuna, leading to her major label signing, b.i.g. directed all efforts towards the Physha P Fam project as both a member and managing partner. Day-Day’s musical upbringing embraced R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop music, with the likes of Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Gerald Levertte, Golden Era ’88 Hip-Hop, etc. This varied cocktail of musical influences greatly contributed to Day-Day honing his skills as a member, producer, arranger, and hook writer for the former and, at the time, buzzing CT group BOBH. Upon the group’s break-up, Day-Day pursued a solo career, winning many showcases and performing at many high schools, colleges, and special events in CT. His buzzing popularity as the “go to” producer and songwriter in CT caught the attention of the PPF movement, resulting in his membership in PPF.

For now, Physha P Fam is signed to independent record label Da Fam Entertainment and is taking New York and Los Angeles by storm with their energetic live show. PPF will be releasing a double single “Can’t Stop Loving You,” Side-A, and “Shining Like A Diamond,” Side-B, both of which will be available in all major international digital stores, including but not limited to iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Imeem,, Amie Street, Verizon V-Cast and so on. The double single will be followed by the release of their club banger “Do What You Do (Official Version).” The test version of “DWYD” has not only amassed a growing legion of fans worldwid