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Physha P Fam is an alternative Hip-Hop act with a sound as eclectic as the unusual name. Picture a young Black Eyed Peas with the choreography of Usher or Missy Elliot. PPF stands out from current urban acts because they PUT ON A SHOW and deliver a live, energetic and memorable performance.


“Now what you hear is not a test, I’m rocking to the beat…, Walk this way, talk this way… ,Live from Bedford Stuyvesant, the livest one…, Up jumps da boogie, da boogie jumps me…”

Hip-Hop culture made its initial impact in the basements of urban youth circa the summer of 1979. “Rapper’s Delight” brought a new sound to the mainstream. Ever since, innovative Hip-Hop collaborations have created fresh sounds that have taken the genre in exciting, unpredictable directions. The Hip-Hop trio Physha P Fam (Fish-Uh-P) is ready to take their place among Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC, Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy, and groundbreakers Missy Elliott and Timbaland. With earnestness and confident style, it is PPF’s mission to create “NEXT Level Hip-Hop.”

Physha P Fam is an alternative/Hip-Hop group with a sound as eclectic as their unusual name. Group members Arman “Bebe Boohgz” Dixon, Dashawn “Day-Day” Woodson, and Luizinho “b.i.g. Lou” Louis are an unlikely pairing brought together by life’s tests, focus, drive, and a love of all things music.

Unafraid to personally and musically be themselves, Physha P Fam continues to push their creative envelope and create their own lane. This unwavering attitude has allowed them to attain an international online following, gain support from major DJ coalitions, win major NYC showcases, perform live on BET’s 106& Park, win BET’s “Blaze the Stage Summer Invitational 09,” receive an Underground Music Awards nomination for “Best Rap Duo,” and get their upcoming single, “Do What You Do”, added to Music Choice. These are just a few of their recent accomplishments. PPF credits the likes of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Big L, Eminem, Nas, Run DMC, and Usher as just a few of their many influences.

Physha P Fam originated in upstate NY as a 5-man Hip-Hop act, Universal Threat, which then evolved into a 3-man high school group known as the Hot Spittaz. However, tragedy struck the budding group when a car accident claimed the young life of one of its members, Chris Members. Bebe kept moving forward with the spirit of his friend in his heart, making his hunger for success even stronger. Around this time, Bebe met b.i.g. Lou and, later, Day-Day. As a result of continuous music collaborations, which displayed their diverse, yet, complimentary talents, and a never ending hunger to bring their brand of Hip-Hop to the world, Bebe, Day-Day and b.i.g. Lou came together to form a super group. So began the story of Physha P Fam.

With such diverse talents and backgrounds, Physha P Fam brings a brand of unique excellence setting them apart from today’s average Hip-Hop acts. Bebe Boohgz is not only a star on the mic – he is also a star athlete. He led the Division 1 Men’s Track team at Sacred Heart University for all four years of his college career. In addition, he was the 2008 400m NCAA East regional champion and participated in the 2008 Olympic trials for the 200m and 400m dash. b.i.g. Lou started his music career as a member of the group the 4Horsemen, a battle rap outfit. Unable to find the business support needed, b.i.g. decided to learn the business of music. He later was accepted into NYU’s famed Stern School of Business and from there secured internships at Loud Records and Arista Records, managed a handful of artists and producers, earned employment opportunities at NY’s Hot97 and EMI, and eventually founded PPF’s current label, Da Fam Music & Entertainment. After playing a significant production and marketing role in creating a buzz for Kat DeLuna, leading to her major label signing, b.i.g. directed all efforts towards the Physha P Fam project as both a member and managing partner. Day-Day’s musical upbringing embraced R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop music, with the likes of Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Gerald Levertte, Golden Era ’88 Hip-Hop, etc. This varied cocktail of musical influences greatly contributed to Day-Day honing his skills as a member, producer, arranger, and hook writer for the former and, at the time, buzzing CT group BOBH. Upon the group’s break-up, Day-Day pursued a solo career, winning many showcases and performing at many high schools, colleges, and special events in CT. His buzzing popularity as the “go to” producer and songwriter in CT caught the attention of the PPF movement, resulting in his membership in PPF.

For now, Physha P Fam is signed to independent record label Da Fam Entertainment and is taking New York and Los Angeles by storm with their energetic live show. PPF will be releasing a double single “Can’t Stop Loving You,” Side-A, and “Shining Like A Diamond,” Side-B, both of which will be available in all major international digital stores, including but not limited to iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Imeem,, Amie Street, Verizon V-Cast and so on. The double single will be followed by the release of their club banger “Do What You Do (Official Version).” The test version of “DWYD” has not only amassed a growing legion of fans worldwid


2010 Commercial Releases:

1. "Can't Stop Loving You"

2. "Shining Like A Diamond"

3. "Do What You Do (Official Version)"

2009 Releases*

1. "Do What You Do (test version)

2. "Shorty's Got Me"

*both 2009 releases have attained streaming and radio play through out 2009.

Set List

Set Length: PPF's sets are dependent on the request of the buyer/booker. Sets have ranged from 6 minutes to 2 hours.

Sets can either be exclusively original music or a mix of original music and remakes/remixes of current or past hits by other artists.