Physical Graffiti- The Led Zeppelin Tribute

Physical Graffiti- The Led Zeppelin Tribute


The experience of a Physical Graffiti show brings back the days of Led Zeppelin in concert, in their finest hour.


The Led Zeppelin tribute band Physical Graffiti came into existence in 1987. Since then the band has flourished and toured throughout the United States. The lineup of players has changed over the years and the current incarnation features the talented Gary Ireland on lead vocals. Gary holds the bragging rights for having been with the band the longest. Gary's portrayal of Robert Plant challenges the listener to tell the difference between his renditions and Robert's own. The rest of the lineup includes John Bradford, a long time friend and band mate to Gary as the legendary Jimmy Page, Greg Thompson (formerly of ZOSO, a California based Zep Tribute) as the dominating percussion master John "Bonzo" Bonham, and Peter Lauda fills out the roster as the quiet and reserved yet schooled and talented John Paul Jones.

Over the years, members of the band have been in supporting roles for, or toured with the likes of Victor Russo (Alice Cooper Band) , Bobby Fererra (Joe Lynn Turner) Zebra, Blue Oyster Cult, Leslie West, Night Ranger, Grassroots, Greg Howe. Gary Ireland has been a member of recording artists Concrete Jungle (ICBM records)

In an effort to rekindle the glory of earlier days, the band relocated to Central Florida in 2001 in order to rebuild and solidify the group. That process has been completed and the new roster is stronger than ever. Once again the Hammer of the Gods is being wielded by one of the most compelling and realistic tribute acts ever to grace the stage in honor of their long time heroes.


Booking Contact Information:
Gary Ireland

Set List

Achilles Last Stand

Rock and Roll

Celebration Day

Nobodys Fault but Mine

Good Times Bad Times

Communication Breakdown

The Rover

Bring it on Home

The Wanton Song

Black Dog

No Quarter

The Song Remains the Same

The Rain Song

Moby Dick

Stairway to Heaven

White Summer/Kashmir

Trampled Under Foot

The Ocean

Houses of the Holy

Misty Mountain Hop

Since I've Been Loving You

How Many More Times

The Immigrant Song


Livin' Lovin' Maid

Whole Lotta Love

Over The Hills And Far Away

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Going To California