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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Singer Magazine Review"

Sometimes there are CDs that instantly change your frame of mind. Beat Mining in Dark Places from Pi is one of these. When I first heard her funky mix of pop and folk, I was in my car on a cold December day. Suddenly, I was on a beach in mid-July. In my head, at least, which is what counts. Pi's music is all those great things blue skies, white sand, warm sun. Her crystal-clear voice is flexible and flawless, rising to the call put forth by her lyrics and instrumentation. With great bass lines and interesting beats, Beat Mining in Dark Places is undoubtedly the most fun you can have this winter. Pi draws from some vastly different influences. She says, "My mom had reggae and soul and Bach. I listened to all of it, and that really influenced my music. " Add to that mix a BA in music and you have a wonderfully well-rounded musician. Pi has paid her dues too. She put herself through school by bartending, waitressing, and working as a "theme park musician.” She worked as a side musician for Nefertiti Jones, Ali Sheboni, and Percy Howard, to name a few. Pi's songs have been heard on several MTV shows, including "Making the Band," "Real World, " and "Road Rules." She has toured the West Coast and Middle America and helped start a collective called Babes with Beats. Beat Mining in Dark Places, her second album is definitely worth picking up, being both fun and very musically competent. - AH - Singer Magazine

"Review of Meow Mix Show"

"I had never heard or met her before but I could hear the sounds of a full band and a female singer. Boy was I surprised...this is what I saw.
A yellow boombox emitting fantastic beats and a girl singing with a guitar, alone on stage. She had captured the audience with this bare setup.
... when you listen to Pi, you can tell she knows how to write songs. Her lyrics and her strong beats are spot on. Her writing style and musical composition are as beautiful as she is. " - Mebeeb's NYC band review

"Review of Pi's "Irrational""

"I love this woman.
I love her voice. I love her music. I love this CD. I love what she does with words.
As soon as summer finally hits, I’m going to be lying by the pool under the warm sun, loving the smell of the grass and trees and listening to this CD on my headphones. Don’t bother me. " - Indie-Music.com

"Review of Pi's "Irrational""

"Pi has put together an album which has a new millennium feel which virtually screams fresh and vibrant. Much in the same vein as Madonna's "Music" CD, this one has originality and uniqueness that too few albums achieve. Every once in a while one comes across an album destined to leave it's mark on the music scene, this is one. One spin on the deck and all will agree, Pi has struck gold with this formula. Or is it platinum? " - Downeast Reviews

"PI "Beat Mining In Dark Places""

Catchy riffs and vocals, "Beat Mining In Dark Places" blends harmonic vocals with groovy beats that make the body move. Having a sound that seems to blend country-like pop rock sounds, PI tells a story with her voice. Sing-a-longs are a must with this CD. Learn the lyrics and sing along and I guarantee it will boost your spirit. PI tackled the creation of this CD alone, learning Pro-Tools and the result is an uplifting poppy funk-o-rama that like may others mastering this style, makes you want to just get up and wiggle your tush.

- Michele Palulis - Space Junkies

"Pi's 'Beat Mining in Dark Places"

My hippy-trippy groove girl is back. About time. I reviewed Pi's debut album way too long ago, and now she sends me a CD even better than that one. She's still socially observant while looking back on an awkward adolescence and singing about it all with a wry smile.

Each song has a laid-back vibe, free spirit, and sense of humor. In fact, that humor serves as therapy in songs like "Freaks," in which she remembers her ugly-duckling phase, complete with thick glasses, braces, and other teenage torture devices. It hit home with me. She tackled this same topic wonderfully in the song "Target" off her first CD. I could add my own verses about zits and frizzy hair. I'm still not convinced this girl isn't somehow related to me. She does look suspiciously like my Aunt Jillian.

But I digress. These lyrics zing home on almost every topic. In the reggae-flavored "Sneak Attack," she's got the number of a game-playing boyfriend. "But if you're really sorry, you won't do it again," she snaps. And I love her lyrical Dr. Suess approach on "My Right Arm," a musically upbeat song about a broken heart. She can't tie her shoe or make fondue, comb her hair or play solitaire. Pi is one of those artists who can sing a song about depression and make you want to do an Ashlee Simpson jig around the room.

I noticed little things, like the laughter and adlibs caught here and there from band members, making the whole project sound like a fun jam. Like everyone just wandered in, picked up some instruments, and had a party. And after the fourth track, I noticed that the pauses between songs are quick, each song flowing seamlessly into the next. You could play this entire CD at your own party. Just put it on the stereo and walk away. The songs would mix and mingle on their own.

Other notables include the full-on rock song ("San Francisco"), as well as "Pi For Prez," a playfully acoustic party platform. You come away from this CD with a smile in your soul. It's cheaper than actual therapy and a lot more fun.

- Jennifer Layton - Indie Music

"Dan MacIntosh"

These songs are several large steps above typical singer/songwriter material because of this release’s excellent instrumental work. David Miller especially shines on his acoustic bass, which playfully interacts with Pi’s vocals and piano.

Musically, many of these sounds may remind you of Joni Mitchell music, mostly due to the overall jazziness. “Monster” throws a bit of Latin flavor into the pot, while “Ambition” includes just a touch of reggae.

The Curse of the Songwriter, in addition to its stylish contents, is also aptly illustrated. It pictures Pi straining to push a piano up a steep incline, much like the ancient Sisyphus rolling a rock up a hill. It gives the immediate impression that songwriting is hard work, which it is. But somehow, Pi makes smart songwriting seem easy. (April 7, 2007) - Indie-Music.com


Irrational- ThatCrazyChick Music (US)
Atoll Music (EU)

Beat Mining In Dark Places - ThatCrazyChick Music (US)

The Curse of the Songwriter - ThatCrazyChick Music (US)

available at CDBaby.com, Apples itunes, or at shows.



After spending a few years as a top tier studio and touring musician in the San Francisco Bay area, Pi teamed up with Tommy Boy artist / producer Pfilbryte in 2001 and recorded her first album, Irrational. The response to Irrational was overwhelming, leading Pi to a Management deal with NYC’s Alabina Entertainment, a European record deal with the French Atoll Music label, and widespread licensing for film and television.

In 2004, Pi moved to Los Angeles to record her second album Beat Mining in Dark Places. This second offering was enthusiastically received by critics.

Her third and latest album sees Pi crafting a new sound, which veteran engineer Randy Wine (U2, Springsteen, Melissa Etheredge) has called “totally unique”. The Curse of the Songwriter is an intoxicating journey you won’t want to miss. Pi’s custom blend of super-organic instrumentation, a feel-good sensibility and powerful, emotional vocals and lyrics that will stay with you for weeks.

Licensing / Promotion / Sponsorship

Film and TV Licensing and appearances include: Road Rules (MTV), Bad Girls Club (Oxygen), Real World (MTV), Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp (TLC). Fox Morning News.

Look for Pi in Wayne Wang's (Joy Luck Club, Because of Winn Dixie) upcoming film, The Princess of Nebraska!

Promotional highlights include: Featured artist 2007 NAMM show, top 20 artists of 2006 (Radio Crystal Blue).

Endorsed by: Strum-n-Comfort, Martin Guitars.