Our music combines elements of jazz, funk, soul, and bluegrass into a genre we've coined "groovegrass".


It was a chance meeting at a hip-hop show in Los Angeles that brought the three young, talented, Santa Monica natives of pianorag together. Attending the same schools as young children, and essentially growing up together, the boys rediscovered each other when a casual conversation at a bar turned to music; it seems they all shared the same objective: Create something unique, experimental, and accessible- and do it with a pervasive and undeniable groove. The result was pianorag, and a style of music they like to call “groovegrass”.
Despite their similar upbringings, the boys of pianorag appropriate their style from myriad influences. Jacob Levy (saxophone) brings with him an intense love of jazz and an encyclopedic knowledge of music theory that he uses to craft profound melodies and masterful solos. A passionate student of bluegrass and American folk music,
Paul Fuller (banjo) emerges as a virtuosic multi-instrumentalist whose degree of versatility is overshadowed only by his tastefulness with whatever instrument he may be playing. Rounding out the trio is Zack Smith (bass). Drawing on his 10+ years as a percussionist along with a supreme love for soul, funk and world music, Zack is able to forge extraordinary and exceedingly syncopated bass lines.
With an unlikely mix of genres, unorthodox instrumentation, a quiet confidence, and excellent posture, pianorag is able to step forward and attempt to collectively eradicate the norms and conventional practices of modern music today.


"pianorag." - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/pianorag

Set List

Most tunes are originals, we have standard forms for them, but we tend to stretch them out with improvisation somewhat depending on how we feel. We do a few covers, some jazz standards from the Real Book, some pop songs, most notably "Wonderwall" by Oasis.