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Burbank, California, United States | SELF

Burbank, California, United States | SELF
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Picard Maneuver @ The Sci-Fi Summit Convention

Burbank, California, USA

Burbank, California, USA

Picard Maneuver @ Flappers Comedy Club Burbank

Burbank, California, USA

Burbank, California, USA

Picard Maneuver @ Greek At The Harbor Restaurant

Ventura, California, USA

Ventura, California, USA



(Excerpt) Redefining the meaning of music and ‘nerd comedy’, this duo will pull from your suggestions and over four decades of pop-culture into one explosive musical treat! - Joseph Tran Magician/Comedian/Producer - Stars & Boulevards - Joseph Tran

As a Star Trek:TNG writer, I personally I enjoy Picard Maneuver because it reminds me that I used to be around fictional characters who mattered more than I ever did. Fanshier and Hover are a potent teaming of fun, funny, and song; and like the series from which they hail, they get better in re-runs. Beam up to them every time you can. Picard Maneuver: See them before Paramount makes them stop using the name. - Brian Allen Lane Star Trek: The Next Generation Writer - Brian Allen Lane

Picard Maneuver was kind enough to volunteer their amazing services to the incarcerated juveniles at the California Youth Authority Center in Norwalk. Their humor, originality, and dynamism onstage is matched only by their humanity, kindness, and approachability offstage. - Hannah Wehr Teacher/Arts Program Director - Hannah Wehr

Today's kids live in a much different world than those of use who grew up watching TGIF, playing laser tag and getting out of keyboarding class to engage in a game of The Oregon Trail. In fact, some individuals believe that modern children's sources of entertainment pale in comparison to those of the 1980s and 1990s.

Some members of this generation feel so strongly about the games of their youth that they've taken to YouTube to express their beliefs.

For example, Picard Maneuver—a two-man comedy act from Burbank, California— created this music video for their original song, Oregon Trail Rap.

In the video, two modern children are seen playing Nintendo Wii and reading Parade magazine, both of which fail to keep them entertained. In the midst of their complaints of boredom, the comedians pop in—dressed in Oregon Trail-period garb—to school them on the educational games of yesteryear.

The rap touches on many of the high points of The Oregon Trail as well as some of the toys with which the game shared a time period, such as Teddy Ruxpin, Pogs and Pokemon.

By Mina Watson - oregontrail.com

Wednesday, May 7, 2008. 8:00 pm
Jaimes Palacio Hosts his picks for New Voices of 2008

The Picard Maneuver are two incredibly funny individuals (Adam Fanshier and Mike Hover) who play folk music while telling stories and riffing off each other with expert precision—much like the 60s’ Smothers Brothers. - www.poetix.net


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Picard Maneuver: They’re two nerds you can’t help but love.

Named after an obscure reference from one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Adam Fanshier and Mike Hover have a unexpected, and truly unique blend of musical comedy, vaudeville, improv, physical comedy and audience interaction that delights audiences without fail.

Adam and Mike’s unique brand of humor comes from their very honest presentation of their personal lives. They are two nerds trying to make it in a world full of “cool kids”. Their message is universal; Life is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

You don’t have to be a nerd, or ever watched an episode of Star Trek to enjoy Picard Maneuver. Their act is more than a collection of ‘Fanboy’ inside jokes- It is an honest tale of the ‘every man’. Adam and Mike have a talent for making audiences realize that being an “outsider” is more than OK— it should be embraced! It’s something that Mike proves as he flirts with his unforgettable, and hilarious, “Wookie Dance”.

Picard Maneuver has been delighting audiences all over, performing at The Ice House Comedy Club, Flappers Comedy Club, The Improv, Tommy Rocker's Cantina in Las Vegas, and seen on The Wanda Sykes Show and CBS Comedy Cage Match.

Whether you were beating up nerds in high school, the ones thrown into the trashcan, or watched it from afar, Picard Maneuver is the comedy group for you.