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2011 Eternal

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Picasso Smiling was founded by guitarist/vocalist Andres Barros in 2009. He wanted to make a band that could fusion different styles into its songs, and have the freedom to write a 10 minute progressive epic (Dream Theater style), and then throw in a moving ballad (Goo goo dolls style) or a groovy 70s style rock song (think of 70s riff rock), all in one set. With most bands sticking to one genre, he found it boring and restraining not to experiment with all types of musical influences.

Forming such a band didnt come easy and Picasso Smiling's first 2 line ups were very short lived. Not only was it very hard to find the musicians with the openness and skill to do it, but also when they actually had something going, the twists of fate had some band members departing from China just when things were picking up.

The band did very few shows in different venues of Shanghai, with great feedback from the audience at all times.
After a long hiatus without a bass player, they finally found a steady member at the end of 2010, and the band quickly put together 5 very versatile songs that showcase the bands dark side as well as their poppy side:

She Bring the Rain: An acoustic ballad (trying to make our equivalent to Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris").

I don't wanna live forever: A groovy rock song (the intro riff inspired
by What I Got)

Lagrima de Fujitsu (lyrics in spanish):a japanese rock style tune (think anime girls with big eyes and flying androids in the back ground).

The Swing: An all out mix of swing with metal (think of some dirty bar with a jazz trio in the background and the suddenly they crank up the overdrive to 11!).

Trauma Bonding: A foo fighters meets megadeth ballad (starts of with everlong/steve vai type chords, then goes to a slow, aching cry for help, then Dave Mustaine kicks in with a killer riff).

The 3rd line up made up of Andres Barros, Davide Zabeo on drums and Carlos Quiroz on bass, took about a year to finish the self produced demo due to time constrains and the musician's busy schedules with other working gigs (Picasso don't pay the bills you see). They finally released their demo Eternal on May 27 2011 at Shanghai's famous rock venue Yu Yin Tan. People at the show showed a great response to the set despite it being so short (it included one more song that is not an the demo), and one guy actually came to tell us "You guys are really good, you should really need to get this stuff in a studio", which was awesome feedback from someone who has seen us only once.

The demo contains 5 tracks and 2 bonus tracks which are an English lyrics version and a Japanese lyrics version of track no 5. The band gave away copies for free at the show to all people present.

Now they are working on new material for a new demo by the end of this year. They continue to mix their different influences into their music, following what they consider the golden rules of their composition: "it's gotta be heavy, but without melody, you got nothing", "it's about the band together, not about showing off" and "sometimes, less is more".

The band is eager to play abroad and share their music with new audiences. Someday tour the world with their own music. We just do what we love and say what we have to say, and don't care about fitting in. So far it has worked very well