Pick 13

Pick 13


Pick13's "style" is lyric driven. All four band members contribute to the creation of every song to some degree. No song ever turns out how it was originally thought, usually better! We don't lock into one style or genre. We have songs that are Sublimish, Matchbox 20ish, Black Crowish to name a few!


Pick 13 started in the fall of 2005 as 5 single guys getting together a few nights a week to drink and learn cover songs. The band was formerly know (or unknown) as “Prospecting For Pounany” and was made of Travis Rausch, Nathan Schreppler, Brendon Hershey, Steve Wolf, and Chris Money. In the beginning the guys played in basements and garages for free drinks and occasionally, some money. Unsatisfied with cover music, but with very little original material, the band spent the summer of 2006 writing and spending time hanging out at the beach. During that summer, Wolf moved to San Diego, and Money “disappeared” (he literally vanished), which left the band with three of its current members. In October of ’06 is when Jon Manis joined the group on drums, and that is when Pick 13 started to become who they are now. With Manis and Hershey holding down the rhythm section, Rausch on Vocals/Guitar, and Schreppler on Lead Guitar the band was ready to rock. Influenced by many popular bands of the late 90’s rock era such as 311, Third Eye Blind, Incubus, Green Day, Puddle of Mud, Weezer and many more the band brings forth a very provocative and sometimes abrasive sound where every part matters. All five layers of a Pick 13 song are carefully, and thoughtfully placed to create a blend of music and lyrics that are both pleasing, and yet stylishly unique.


Pick 13 Demo (2008)

Set List

We usually do three short sets or two long sets. If we play with another band we'll play a majority of original music, but if we have to hold the whole night down alone we'll play about 60% cover and 30% original. If we play all night, it's usually about 13 originals and 18-22 covers depending on the time we get started. Here is a list of our covers:

Pick 13 Cover Songs

Sugar, We’re Going Down :: Fallout Boy
Low :: Cracker
Say it Ain’t So :: Weezer
Be Like That :: 3 Doors Down
How’s It Gonna Be :: Third Eye Blind
Semi-Charmed Life :: Third Eye Blind
Hotel California :: The Eagles
I Will Survive :: Cake
The Joker :: Steve Miller Band
No Woman No Cry :: Bob Marley
Amber :: 311
Down :: 311
All Mixed Up::311
Mary Jane’s Last Dance :: Tom Petty
Don’t Do Me Like That :: Tom Petty
Drug Ballad :: Eminem
Last Resort :: Papa Roach
Absolutely (Story of a Girl) :: Nine Days
Sex and Candy :: Marcy Playground
Santa Monica :: Everclear
Inside Out :: Eve 6
Dammit :: Blink