Pick an Exit

Pick an Exit


Powerpop/piano-rock band, Pick an Exit, brings to the stage a crunchy rock sound smoothed out by modern pop sensibilities and textured piano lines. For fans of Jack's Mannequin and Green Day.


Born from jets, Pick an Exit began in 2003 in the small NJ town of Westfield, NJ. Since then, the band has released 2 EPs and is currently set to release their full length, "A Rat with a Cat for a Mouth," in late 2007.

Recently, the band has partnered with the “I Have a Dream” Foundation in an attempt to do something positive with their music. IHAD (www.ihad.org) is an education charity, that sponsors students from low-income, high dropout areas to help them realize their educational goals through tutoring, mentoring, and college tuition assistance.

Pick an Exit is currently on their year-long headlining charity tour, sponsored by Photobucket.com, the internet's largest photosharing internet website.


The 8-Bit Adventure
Hanging with Mr. Cooper: The Cooper Anderson Sessions

LPs (to be released):
A Rat with A Cat for a Mouth

The band has received local and national airplay for singles off "The Cooper Anderson Sessions" (Rocket/Helium Balloon) and the "8-bit Adventure" (Riverside)

Set List

Typical Set (40-45 minutes)
This Place is Ours
For the Road
Face the Fiction
Helium Balloon
Favorite Song
The Jazz June
Brand New Man