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picket line


4 guys will to go to the extreme to get their music heard. Picket Line is doing things different in the way of self promotiom and are willing to go to jail to get the music into the hands of the fans.


Picket Line is bringing new ideas to the music scene in efforts to re-write the way music is promoted, bands are established, and limits are defined. Picket Line is doing things their way!

In less than 3 years, Picket Line has released, without the help of a label, their first album entitled Chapter:End through producers Kale Holmes and Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool, System of a Down, Powerman 5000), at Radio Star Studios, Weed, CA. Capturing an original sound on such a diverse album that separates itself from the many copycat bands of today. "Chapter:End" contains songs filling every listeners desire. The album explodes with a high-energy element on songs such as "The Black in White" and the album opener "Arizona". The song revealing the story of suicide of a close friend. More intricate songs include the 9-minute power ballad "Die The First", which even has its very own 3-minute construction worker solo. The group even manages to create a deep acoustic song with eight part harmonies entitled "Dearest You", which was recorded very uniquely using stairwell acoustics. By simply entertaining themselves during the recording process, many strong and original ideas will keep this album fresh and exciting to listen to.

The group will be hitting the road '06, on an unabashed rollout tour that will break new ground, open up everyone's eyes, and blow America away. How? By having crafted a unique way of self-promotion, featuring a monster tour vehicle which doubles as a rolling concert venue. With their fully equipped truck and its independent power supply, they can fire up 30,000 watts of pure sound. So watch out for Picket Line as they hit the road and crash whenever they feel the need to stop, drop stage and within seconds rock out LIVE! Anytime! Anywhere! This truck has been instrumental in Picket Lines recent crashes, including the 2005 Vans Warped Tour in Marysville CA, high schools, recreational parks, private residences and businesses, college frat parties, popular hot spots, more college frat parties and yes even more college frat parties. More than likely, you will see this band play if you like it or not.

You will not miss the hype, you will not escape the buzz. Picket Line will unleash!



Written By: PicketLine

This passion I can’t hold, cracks entice this wall on a dream that now forever falls…

I’m begging you to turn back now; I just can’t reach you, turn around, and get yourself out of here.

I know you would spread me your wing; sing to me that growth is man when you glimpsed me sifting sand through hand in hand. But your wings are molted, if it’s meant to be then god will bless me with feathers…

I’m begging you to turn back now, I hope you turn around. And it’s more like a plea in my eyes, that it’s just not right.

Think of what you’ve done, the lives you’ve touched, the ones who care, when they awake, you won’t be there, when they awake you wont be there. I count down from 4 down to 3, I realize that this must be 2 hard for you, so if there’s just 1 chance that we’ll learn from your choice, your mistake.


Written By: PicketLine

And she moves me across the floor and I can see the way she moves so softly to the beat that she feels in her soul. With every step you take, with poise and grace, the pirouette you play, we just want to dance.

Yea she a wild thing letting it all swing out dance for me tonight keep on movin’. Can’t stop oh yea keep on movin’ ladies treat ‘em right and strut your stuff on this dance floor.

How divine, it’s like a high I have never felt before I can’t believe you move like this, believe you dance like this. And I just want to move around, we just want to dance.

A chance for romance if you’d dance for me, just dance for me (obvious screaming part, yeah!)


Picket Line's debut album titled, "Chapter End" produced by Kale Holmes and Sylvia Massy of Radio Star Studios (Tool, System of a Down).

Set List

Set list is generally 8 songs. Black in White, Arizona, Dancin, Sunday Mistress, 8:16, End With This, The Victim, The Masochist.