Pickled Hearing

Pickled Hearing

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Pickled Hearing is Brian Foster, a singer/songwriter


Solo performer Brian Foster began his entertainment career over 15 years ago as a puppeteer in Washington DC. He formed his own puppet company, Silly Socks Puppets and produced "puppet musicals" (kind of like Avenue Q but not as lewd) to teach children about self esteem, nutrition, farm life, etc. Brian also earned a BA degree in piano performance from the University of Maryland in 2004.

Taking that experience, Brian began to produce what came to him from the song gods. Perhaps something was "lost" in the translation, or perhaps Brian's hearing is "pickled." One thing for sure is his songs rock more than a dill on a frying pan with lyrics that leave a taste on the tongue not unlike vinegar and salt.



Set List

50 minute sets. Mostly original songs are performed.