Pick Up Freud

Pick Up Freud

 Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA

The band is currently working on their third full length album. Pick Up Freud has been together for 8 years now, with bass player Eric Doucet becoming the newest member when he joined 6 years ago. They have played hundreds of shows throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


Luke Vitas, Cole Ferguson, Eric Doucet, and Kayne Ferguson formed Pick Up Freud in 2005. They have played hundreds of shows throughout New England. In 2007 they released their debut album, “Headphones.” Noise magazine gave this album the following review, which still ranks as one of Pick Up Freud’s proudest moments to date:

“Had some issues not with the sound of this band, but the SOUND of the band, you know? The production and recording is tight and crisp and well put together, but… I felt like jumping into music teacher mode. What does that mean? “Singer, you’re consistently sharp on every song! Listen to the instruments and match your pitch! Better yet, take some singing lessons!” This cacophonic-at-times mélange does more than a little grate on my ears. However, the intention and work is true and present, and I don’t want to bash too hard here. Just a jam-bandish/rap/funk/groove group with no apparent musical direction. What hurts is that they sound like they WANT to have direction, and that pains me. Not too much though. Just play more together and listen to the collective sound of the band while you’re playing, instead of just hearing how good your own individual jamming is in the moment. That’s the best bad review I can give. Keep playing. (Mike Loce)”

In 2010 PUF released “Some of the Lucky Ones.” The majority of the record was tracked in a cabin in Maine with producer Jay Duguay, who has worked on every PUF project. That was followed by two singles in 2011, “Birds” and “For Sale.”

PUF is currently playing live while working on two LPs, to be released in 2012. “EPLP” will be released in the first half of the year, and an untitled album in the second half.


Headphones - 2008 - Album
Some of the Lucky Ones - 2010 - Album
For Sale - 2011 - Single
Birds - 2011 - Single