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Pick-Up Girl


Pick-Up Girl is an all female band for those who grew up loving MTV but can’t stand to watch a minute of it today. Influenced by artists like Liz Phair, the Go-Go’s, Sheryl Crow, Joan Jett, and Tracy Bonham, Pick-Up Girl’s addictive original music is catching everyone’s ear.


Within a short time this fun, indie/pop group has been received with great enthusiasm. Crowds love them, venues love them and you will love them too.

Pick-Up Girl began as an indie/pop duo that was originally manned by Tracy Dezenzo and Carissa Aguayo in 2005.

Tracy Dezenzo started her music career as the lead singer for Sissy Deluxe, a punk/pop band in San Diego, CA. After Sissy Deluxe ended she signed onto a new lead singer project called Roxy Monoxide and rocked San Diego for a couple more years until she realized that she wanted to create her own universe of rockin' and catchy tunes. So, she picked up her guitar and a pencil and the rest is, well you know. She attributes her song writing talent to osmosis. Her experiences working with awesome musicians has taught her how to write a great song and a catchy hook.

On January 25th, 2005 Pick-Up Girl the duo, took their first steps out onto an open mic stage at Twigg's Green Room. They performed two of their upbeat tunes and woke up the coffee house crowd. After Twigg's there was a whirlwind of mini-gigs while they honed their live show. Soon, they felt they were ready to conquer the world, but they needed to add a drummer so they could really rock.

After months of searching, Pick-Up Girl found Jenny Hill. Jenny seemed very serious but we felt she would loosen up once she got to know us. Then on day three of practice she brought in a fart machine that she hid in Carissa's purse. Yup, there's the Jenny we thought we would see. Anyway, Jenny was mellow and easy going and yes, she could rock. She became the official Pick-Up Girl drummer in late 2006.

And then... all was good. They rocked. They played gigs. They rocked some more and then played more gigs. All was good in the world and the people were loving the Pick-Up Girl vibe.

Scott Zensen Everybody's #1 Fan
MyWeek in Music November 15th thru 21st
Thursday [Brass Rail]:
The next performer was an all-girl group called "Pick Up Girl" this was a great band. They really rocked the Happy Bar. And the crowd loved them as well as I. They had great songs! Mostly original, all great! If you get a chance to see this band be sure and say Everybody's #1 fan sent ya!

Sadly, in November of 2007 Carissa left the band. She was one of the original Pick-Up Girl's and it was a sad day for all of our fans. She will be missed by many.

In March of 2007 Pick-Up Girl added Caroline Olivier to the group. Caroline is French. Need we say more? We'll, yes we do. Not only is she a hot French girl who can rock the bass but she is also very smart and multi-talented. She plays bass, guitar, piano and sax. She will be a fantastic addition to our group and we look forward to showing her off.

Pick-Up Girl is currently pursuing domination of the universe.


Singles (streaming on website):
After I Fell
Kill Me Today

Singles (streaming on myspace):
After I Fell

Self publised (2007), self titled 5 song cd. Which includes:
After I Fell
Dearly D
Kill Me Today

Set List

typiciall set list is 45-60 minutes long. 90% original music, 10% covers.