pictorial candi

pictorial candi

 Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, POL

An ode to teenage years. On how we take on tragedy lightly over our inexpert shoulders and heave light matters tragically. That reversed miscalculation that we make of reality, our haziness in perception, and added, the romantic pulse that goes against all common sense. Forever till you die.

Band Press

Dots and Dashes (Great Escape Festival 2013) – Dots and Dashes

Pictorial Candi sounds weird, and wonderful, and like little else mainland Europe has to offer at the minute as she packs out Coalition down beside the seaside. A rabid conflation of bits of Chris Cohen and Connan Mockasin; Celebration, Dresden Dolls, the family Zappa and all other manner of ecstatically eccentric festivity, she makes for a far preferable export to Tyskie for sure.

Dots and Dashes – Dots and Dshes

Pictorial Candi is the pseudonym of off-kilter Argentinian songstress Candelaria Saenz Valiente and her debut
solo LP, Eat Your Coney Island, is up online now. If the first impression emitted via its name sits somewhere between sexual innuendo
and GY!BE eulogy, that imprinted on memory via media musical is one of gentle seduction; confused affection born of Valiente’s
schizophrenic lust for attention. An incontestably sketchy (comic book; not crap sense) listen that indeed intermittently nods subtly
to Montreal post-rock behemoths (the sparse brass atmospherics of Trombone Opus Nr. 1; the static anti-song incoherencies of Putzi & Maureen) Eat Your Coney Island is as bewildering as it is brilliant and, to contextualise that comment, it’s fucking sensational.

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"Weird and wonderful stuff from Pictorial Candi. I'm sort of... baffled but enthralled. Go with it, it's a great ride."

Duzy Format – Jacek Swiader - Gazeta Wyborcza, Duzy Format

“Eat your Coney Island” is the solo debut of Paristetris’ lead singer, the notorius band with whom she recorded two excellent albums.
Candelaria Saenz Valiente who seems to have been the driving force in that band, is a most turbulent spirit (yet side by side with eminent
musicians). “Eat Your Coney Island" shows Candi in a different environment and exploring other areas. This album is ”less produced” in a way
that tangible spontaneity works at its best. Candi emphasizes cassette music following the path of lo-fi mogules R. Stevie Moore and Daniel
Johnston: great songwriting and no need to tune the guitar. After a while the listener may start to expect the unexpected: from punk to Baroque,
ballad, noise, to a piece for trombone solo. Oh, evidence of the immortality of music

Pop-up magazine – Piotr Lewandowski www.popupmusic.pl

Candi believes in the autotelic value of lo-fi, in the potential of home recording’s hotness and immediacy. A belief given weight by the fact
that Candi’s songs have the force of music created by a person who looks at music from the perspective of other forms of self-expression
or, simply, sees it as a place of unbridled freedom. Here is someone who is not ashamed of imperfection or mistakes. On the contrary, she
likes to emphasize her very own ways of communicating. Candi’s penchant for vocal exaggeration and flamboyance is not unlike
Joanna Newsom’s debut. And yet, along with its rawness this album is far from accidental, it’s thoroughly thought of and very well crafted.
It’s mastery lies in the successful marriage of these two