Picture Book

Picture Book

 Liverpool, England, GBR


Picture Book recently signed a record-deal with Blue Horizon, founded by the music industry heavyweights Seymour Stein and Richard Gottherrer. They will be releasing their first official single with the label in September this year.

Their first EP, which is also to be released this year, was recorded by Dan Grech (Scissor Sisters, Moby, Beck) in the recording studio of Nigel Goodrich (Radiohead). The lead singer, Greta Svabo Bech, recently sang on Deadmau5's ”Raise Your Weapon”, released in December last year (2010).

Picture Book use groove-based guitar and synth, timeless melodies, classical compositions and rhythms straight off the dance floor. The Brothers Lorne (guitar and synth) and Dario (drums and synth) hail from New York, while Greta Svabo Bech (vocals) comes from the Faroe Islands.

”We founded the band in objection to the music that was being forced upon us by the media. Meaningless and dull dance-patterns, fabricated pop-musicians and a lack of true musical heros.” Dario says.


Strangers (2009) (Single)
Make a Move (2010) (Single)