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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rochelle Rochelle Review"

Chicago band Picture Books are selling a limited number of physical copies of their EP Rochelle, Rochelle via C.D. Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/picturebooks2) - and I suggest you get one while you still can.
The five-piece band originally formed in 2007, and in the same year released their first album Maybe if we run. Rochelle, Rochelle, recorded by Mike Lust (Chinup Chinup, Sybris , William Elliot Whitemore) and released January 2nd, is the first of what is promised to be a series of 2009 releases, each an EP courtesy of Bearnose Records.
With a sound reminiscent of more recent Nada Surf, Picture Books are the epitome full band Indie. Drums that catch you right in the chest, melodic piano accompaniment, and driving guitar make up their seamless fusion of sound. Songs like “Short Breaths” and “Rockets Don’t Go to Chicago, Andy” are accented with charming twinkles and a choir of “Ooh’s” along with their attention grabbing choruses, “Bear with Me” creates a capturing song out of just a few lines (Verging on the edge of majesty. Steadfast in our uncertainty. But before this town becomes the death of me, take my hand and one last breath with me.) “Out of State, Out of Mind” captures apathy in the least angst-y way, with an upbeat tempo, clever title and last lines “So we’ll sit on our stoops and smoke cigarettes and drink lots of beer and make some regrets because that’s what you do when you don’t really care” With all the makings of a great band, its no wonder they’ve graced venues with such good reputations as The Metro, The Beat Kitchen, and Schuba’s along with a number of other Chicago favorites.
Pictures Books is one of those musical finds you wish you would have stumbled upon earlier, but lucky for those of us slow to catch on, they have plenty more in store. - takesleepinglessons.com

"Live Show Review"

Enjoy Picture Books because they do indie rock how we want it done. There is nothing tired or pansy about it, just damn fine stuff to make your feet dance. Thats where rock went... - londonfrance.blogspot.com


Maybe, If We Run (LP 2007)
Rochelle, Rochelle (EP 2009)
Untitled Full LP (Feb 2010)



Heralded by the Ghost Mistress, Erik Harms, 36 feet of high carbon steel, two worn pistols in his claws, weaves melodic mixed, but planned, re-alphabetized constructs over the pounding footfalls of the ancients resonating from Nicholas Kelley.

It has been said that the Internet is like a series of tubes, so shall it be said the Nicholas Kelley is like a series of Internets; pulsing, breathing, undulating with refined precision.

Yet another Nicholas is present, a Nicholas Papaleo: a caustic amalgam of reptilian DNA, fudge, and talent. While it remains true that more people have called out the name of Nicholas Papaleo in bed than any other, whether in rage or in lust, more still have called his name triumphant in conjunction with Omnichord tones.

Wickedly we are brought about to grand viceroy Joshua Miller, a boy-prince dance of majestic gestures and integrally succulent skill. Crystalline blue sonic blasts and elongated tingling delights exude from his hands causing your heart to stop just long enough for it to remember why it loved so long ago.

When you were younger you had a favorite uncle that would tell you the funniest jokes. It would be years until you grew up and understood enough to realize that those jokes were not jokes at all, but the gruesome tales of a shell shocked, battle scarred veteran. More so he wasn’t even your uncle; he was Kelly Johnson, a towering brick-walled rhythmic contortionist.

Picture Books is forged from the sweet subconscious whispers of the unborn sleepers yearning to be freed and feast on the juice which flows between the ears of humanity. Forget about conventions, friends, let’s make some mistakes.