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"Warm Fuzzy Jams"

"With each band member calling upon their different tastes and talents, the group has created a strong jam band sound leaning on the likes of the Grateful Dead with rock undertones from [the] Red Hot Chili Peppers. Guitarists Daniel Collins and Mike Jeralomon promise huge potential!"

"their deep relationship with their fans and with each other [is what] has made this band so strong — along with their passion for perfection."

MEREDITH HUMPHREY- staff writer Bootleg Magazine - Bootleg- Essential Culture Magazine

"PictureMeFree mingles introspective lyrics with mellow jam band grooves."

"PictureMeFree has quickly become the most booked band in the Clemson area."

(http://www.bootlegontheweb.com/weblogs/sounds/2008/jan/18/-/) - Bootleg- Essential Culture Magazine

"Local band takes on downtown"

Picturemefree rocks crowd and brings entertainment to a new level.

By: Meredith Humphrey
Issue date: 3/7/08
Section: TimeOut

Before the first guitar strum there were a dozen fans listening eagerly at the edge of the stage.
A white bed sheet with a brown tree claimed the stage with the same image on the drum set, raining music notes.
The stage was Picturemefree's at Backstreets on Thursday, Feb. 28. There, band members Josh Risley, vocals and rhythm guitar, lead guitarists Daniel Collins and Mike Jeralomon, Fred Gessell, bass guitar, and Justin Sims, drums gave an impressive four-hour performance.
The group began the show with cover songs such as the Beatles' "Something" and "Come Together," the Police's "Message in a Bottle," which was given a reggae twist in its chorus between hard rock verses, and an impressive fusion of Jimmy Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower" with Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven."
Risley's voice resembles O.A.R. front man Marc Roberge during the majority of performances but assumes vocal ranges of Sting and Tom Petty with an eerie ease. His voice remained strong for the full four hours, but it was obvious his lungs were capable of pushing beyond the smaller confines of Backstreets. Upon the request of veteran fans, Sims began to quickly spin his drumstick between beats - coaxing a roaring cheer early in the show.
"I never thought I would see the day when people at Clemson were dancing at a bar the way they dance at a music festival," said Risley. "That would be too much to ask for. I've got all this sound coming at me from the sound monitors, and I can still hear the audience singing a song back to me that I wrote two years ago - there's no way to describe that."
The cover songs prepared the audience for the group's sound so well that it was only the band's loyal fans' cheers that clued the upcoming original. Their jam band sound, strongly influenced by bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley and the Grateful Dead, is complemented with the varying musical tastes of each member. "Wake Up Alive," "Langerado" and "Pick Me Up" stirred the biggest reaction from the crowd.
"('Pick Me Up') gets to the point," said Sims. "The chorus doesn't waste any time. We went in the studio and all the other songs had to be adjusted but for 'Pick Me Up' and 'Changes;' our recording engineer was like, 'I can tell which ones are your new songs and I can tell you're moving in the right direction.'"
For the full four hours, Picturemefree played as though each song was their signature piece. At all times, there was an ease and comfortable air about the group. The chords and winding progressions hour after hour until their climactic conclusion with some Rage Against the Machine demonstrated the band's readiness to move beyond the bar scene of Clemson. In the eyes of every member, and their groupies, was the knowledge that they are capable of much more - and it is just around the corner.
After getting a hold of some of their songs, Yamaha called the group and told Risley and Gessell to pick out the acoustic and bass guitar of their choice, while Sims is endorsed by DB drums. After the release of their CD, radio time is expected throughout South Carolina.
On a recent trip to Athens, a few of their recordings were critiqued by the vice president of promotions for Virgin Records and received nothing but positive remarks. "Do everything grass roots, and if you're doing things right yourself you'll have more offers to choose from," encouraged the vice president to the group.
On Friday, March 7, the group is scheduled to perform at Greenville's Handlebar from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Other artists that night include Paper Route and Lost November.
"We've played all the local bars so now we're trying to get to that bigger venue," said Sims of the upcoming Handlebar show. "In Clemson, it's the same audience for the most part. The bands we're opening for are a little different from our usual style, and those venues tend to bring bigger crowds of all ages."
A CD release is planned for Tiger Town Tavern on March 27. - The Tiger


2008 Debut EP "Wake Up Alive"



PictureMeFree is a South Carolina based Rock band comprised of 5 life-long musicians between the ages of 21-23. In December 2007, they recorded their first EP, “Wake Up Alive” at Pig Pen Studios in Athens, GA. In April 2008, PictureMeFree held a release party/ performance at historic Tiger Town Tavern in the college town of Clemson that was attended by over 1,000 fans. After developing a great relationship with the band in the studio and witnessing the madness of their CD release party (responsible for the first crowd surfing ever in Clemson), the owner of Pig Pen Studios, Daniel Maldonado Collins, decided to sign them to his independent record label, Pig Pen Records. As of August 1, 2008, after little more than 3 months of availability, they have self-sold over 400 copies of the EP. The EP’s success is due in large part to their relentless gigging. PictureMeFree has played over 30 venues spanning from Columbia, SC to Atlanta, GA. In their first year (August 2007- August 2008), PictureMeFree has played OVER 100 SHOWS and has been re-booked by every single venue they’ve played! PictureMeFree has also secured endorsements from Yamaha guitars, DW drums, and Line 6 amplifiers. In April 2008, PictureMeFree opened for pop princess Colbie Caillat at the Solid Orange Live Festival that also featured Bob Marley’s band The Wailers and 80’s sensation Eddie Money. In June 2008, they were among very few out of town bands to perform at Athfest Music Festival in the live-music Mecca of Athens, GA. They were also honored to be chosen to perform at a Yamaha music clinic in Columbia, SC. PictureMeFree looks to keep their momentum going strong into the fall of 2008 by expanding their horizons. Hopes to develop regional touring and success are motivating these young guys to do whatever it takes to make music their life. The band recently secured a house close to Nashville, TN where they will live together as a family to create and refine their music and live show. PictureMeFree is striving to develop the same radio success/ quality live-show ability as great bands that have influenced them such as; The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, The Beatles, Metallica, The Dave Matthews Band, and My Morning Jacket among others. Each member possesses the ability to express any musical thoughts through their respective instruments as well as an uncanny ability to improvise live as a group. A live PictureMeFree show is a non-stop, 3 hour, high energy rock show that features many original songs and a sprinkling of classic covers of artists like; The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, The Grateful Dead, Rage Against the Machine, and many others. Though young, PictureMeFree is hungry to break musical barriers and spares no detail to make their live shows as memorable as possible. They transform each venue they play into an original and artistic audio-visual experience. With a custom backdrop and tapestries focused around their logo, the tree of life, the ability to project computer-generated visualizations onto their backdrop, a light show operated by the bands light technician, and a Yamaha PA system capable of providing professional sound for venues up to 1000 people, PictureMeFree will bring hours of quality entertainment to any venue they play.