Picture of the Moon

Picture of the Moon


Picture of the Moon plays progressive rock and metal with a contemporary twist to it. Their style can be best described as an accessible mix of brutal guitars, atmospheric parts and experimental rhythms, completed with clean vocals and occassional use of grunts.


PICTURE OF THE MOON started in 2001 as a group of music playing students of the University of Twente, The Netherlands with a similar taste in progressive rock and metal. The band formed in the two following years and the line up stabilized in 2003.

In 2004 the band decided to record a demo called Waxing Crescent which contains the very first compositions they ever made. After two years of writing songs and doing small gigs the band decided to make a professional production that would describe the band's current direction and sound.

The second EP that resulted from these recordings is called Ageless Day and is produced by Joost van den Broek (AFTER FOREVER). It will be released on June, 1st 2007 through Dark Balance Records. The EP has been recorded in the famous Excess Studios in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Stylewise PICTURE OF THE MOON can be described as progressive rock and metal; think of a mix between OZZY OSBOURNE, DREAM THEATER and PORCUPINE TREE. With their music PICTURE OF THE MOON already impressed the club scene in The Netherlands by making it up to the semi-finals of the Metal Battle competition 2006.

Due to high demands of his study program lead guitarist Sjoerd Kolk decided to quit Picture of the Moon just after the recording of Ageless Day. Conservatory grad and guitar virtuoso Alex Rosenhof replaced him in early spring 2007.

In 2007 POTM will appear on several festivals and in many clubs.


Ageless Day

Written By: Picture of the Moon

Try and we won’t enter to
Every day the same I do
As we try and memorize
We do the same, you’re not your only guide

I faced the problem one more time
I watched as long as it was mine,
Don’t want (to) admit I need advice,
We do the same, watch at the other side

We’re all the same
Too selfish to see the problem
We think the same
Too selfish to feel the pain

We’re all the same
We all try hard (to) neglect the vain
We try to gain
Our only hope is fame

Tried to find a path out here
The trees will make me adhere
At the time I was so proud,
Escape the maze, you’re not your only guide

The trees they wrap their arms around me,
They hold me in their tight embrace
They say that they will help me out
Escape the maze, watch at the other side

I found solutions for my problem
(I) didn’t see them ‘cause I was blind
I tried the methods that I memorized,
We do the same, you’re not your only guide

I change my mind and start to see
These trees could be my guide in here
If they would only let me in
We do the same, watch at the other side


2004: Waxing Crescent (EP)
2007: Ageless Day (EP)

Set List

Average set length: 1 hour

Original material:

Black Roses
No Break Space
Depressive Garden
Ageless Day


Bark at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
Master of Puppets - Metallica