Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Picture Perfect is a post grunge/rock band comprised of 5 individuals who have been in some shape or form involved in music together for the last ten years. We are not selfish and everyone contributes to the writing of the music. We take criticism from one another to create the best music possible.


Picture Perfect formed as a band of 5 individuals who all were linked to one another from playing in different bands together. Tony (guitarist) and Jerry (drummer) started a band together 10 years ago with a couple of other members, and after Tony had left Tim (guitarist) and Thomas (vocals) joined that same band. At that time Tim was playing bass, and Thomas was playing guitar. Josh (bass) had played with Thomas previously, and it wasn't until Picture Perfect formed that they played together again. After a couple of years of Jerry, Thomas, and Tim playing together, with a couple of other musicians, the group disbanded. Picture Perfect formed a little after that. Picture Perfect was formed with the members of the previous band whom all had the same view points, beliefs, and passion about music and what they wanted to play. Thomas moved to strictly vocals for Picture Perfect, but contributes to writing guitar parts for many of the songs. Once Picture Perfect had all its members, a name, and a place to practice, then they began writing the music. They had a goal to complete enough songs for an EP in six months. In April of 2010, they went into the studio to record a few songs. They ended up laying down 9 tracks and released, "Picture Perfect". Since this time they have been playing out and trying to get their music out into the world. Picture Perfect is very goal oriented and set out to accomplish every goal they set. They print their own merchandise, and have financed their own recordings and promotions. Picture Perfect puts in the work, and are very passionate in what they do, and what they put out into the world.
Update: As of 8/16/2011 Tim left the band for personal reasons and we brought in a new singer named BadMan. Our original singer Thomas aka Spooky jumped on guitars.


Picture Perfect - Picture Perfect (LP 9 Track Demo). Album is available online, at some local stores, and available for download on iTunes.

Set List

1. Intro
2. Way of One
3. Away
4. Rise and Fall
5. Stone and Glass
6. Seeings Deceiving
7. My Towne
8. So Says
9. Lost and Unfound
10. Bleeding Mind
11. Anxiety
12. Pit Fiend
13. Lead Me to the Hollow
14. Cake
15. Message Sent

If we do covers, we typically like Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Taproot, Cold, and Godsmack.

Our set is usually around 45 minutes.