Picture Perfect Clique

Picture Perfect Clique

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

We are a group of female emcees that use our music as a platform for social change. We use hip hop as a was to popularize messages about empowerment, human rights, social justice, etc. Our goal is to make music that you don't have to turn off around granny or turned down when you pass the church.


Our band is made up of 3 regular members as well as a few affiliate/honorary members. Aaliyah "Ebony Lotus" Noble(27), Ayanna "Kiapriel" Ransom (25) and LaShonta "Khyna" Henderson(25). Aaliyah and Ayanna are sisters and LaShonta is their cousin. They are all hardworking women that have together done some incredible things in the world such as running programs for teenage parents, lobbying on capitol hill for social justice, traveling the world modeling, winning championships in sports, and much, much more.

The band was formed early one Sunday morning as the sun gently peeked out of the horizon. As the ladies walked upon the beach they noticed a message in the sky that said " a girl group needs to be created today...make it happen". The girls dropped their bags and picked up their pens and wrote their first song. Within 7 days of recording that song they shot their first video and have been performing at undersold shows, church picnics and bat/bar mitzvahs across the world.

We are striving to be the next WU-Tang for female emcees and are working on a marketing plan that will help us become the Grateful Dead of hip hop. We are influenced by the best and motivated by the worst.


Sleep 2 Dream
Streets of Texas
Feel the Same
Keep Rising
I used to love him
Starburst and Skittles
Hip Hop Monopoly
Wild Goose Chase