Pictures In Braille

Pictures In Braille


Melodic Space Rock. Intricate guitar melodies. Dense, rocking beats to get you moving. Epic, passionate vocals. Thoughtful, yet entertaining. Four handsome young men. Pictures In Braille have played with the likes of: The Ataris, The Dear Hunter, Edison Glass, Kiss Kiss, The Feverfew.


Pictures In Braille is on a mission: to have their music heard in every corner of the galaxy. But obviously, THIS solar system has to come first. Since forming in the twilight of 2005, the quintet from Warwick, NY (50 miles from Manhattan) has been gathering considerable momentum in reaching that aim.

"You're Welcome Via Satellite", the band's self-titled debut, features relentless and muscular rhythms adorned with swirling guitar counterpoint and glorious, soaring vocal melodies. Influences come from all over, with various musical tastes throughout the band.

Compelling live performances, and a powerful presence on the internet have won the group fans all over the US and beyond including Japan, Europe and Israel. People are responding overwhelmingly to Pictures In Braille's unique and genuine brand of Space Rock.

The ensemble has finished recording their new album entitled " Dreaming In Sound ", which will be available in May 2008. Also,they'll be promoting the new album with a FULL US TOUR which will begin on July 1st,2008. Most importantly,let them astound you in concert.

The band has shared the bill with the Ataris, Kiss Kiss, and The Dear Hunter, and recently completed a successful tour to the midwest.

Pictures In Braille is: Tommy Sardo, Michael Hickey, Aaron Jackson, and Tony Turco.


Tullamore Dew

Written By: Pictures In Braille

Why don’t we go out to the Pontiac? We have intensions for discretion, and it’s all in a planned attack. Is it a dream or can you feel this? Can you feel the hands that wrap around your waist? If you’re comfortable, then what’s your race? How do you figure out what went south? There is no room for conversation. Be cute, be still, let’s make it count. I need you like the softer side of two gripped hands waiting for the sunrise. The sun is rising over the hill. The car’s still running waiting for Jack and Jill. Is it your laugh or is the swollen stare you give me when you wake up? Can it be air that we forget? Open your eyes, we’re still inside. The glass was stale but it’s clearer now. I wasn’t sure but good things stay. Is it that simple? It’s not that simple.


You're Welcome Via Satellite EP 2007

"Dreaming In Sound" May 2008

Set List

A typical setlist is about 7-9 songs (45 minutes). The band is constantly adding new material into their performances, while retaining older favorites. Here is a sample from the last tour:

1. Tullamore Dew
2. You're Welcome Via Satellite
3. Magic Hands
4. Bottom Level Of A Bi-Level Home
5. Guts And Gills
6. Hope In Yeah
7. Bed Bath And Beyond