Pictures In Sound

Pictures In Sound

 Los Angeles, California, USA

A semi-noir, melodically charged prog-rock band that utilizes subtle jazz influences to create a unique blend of musical fusion.


Pictures in Sound is a modern, progressive rock quartet from Los Angeles, California. Founded by Dan Castillo, Eric Corriveau, and Eric Garcia in 2011, the group later added Chris Michael on vocals and saxophone to complete the line up. From there the group began writing and recording songs for their debut release. Pictures in Sound was scouted in the Spring of 2011 by agents from the popular online streaming station, Break Thru Radio [], who eventually added three songs out of the six track E.P. to their All Access friday shows. Concurrently, Pictures In Sound's single "Chemicals" was placed among songs by many great artists including Dredg, Fair To Midland, Dead Letter Circus, and Psychic Babble (featuring Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive) on the Escaping the Ordinary Vol. 2 Compilation C.D. []. Escaping The Ordinary quickly asked Pictures In Sound to allow them to feature their track "Constantine" on ETO: Volume 3 which featured Thursday, Dead Letter Circus, Caspian, Dredg, and Fair To Midland. Currently, Pictures In Sound is actively promoting their debut E.P. and have vowed to donate half of their album sales to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation []. They continue to perform around California and are setting their sights to 2012's spring tour, all the while building a very supportive fan-base.



Written By: Chris Michael

Pull me by my strings
Or cut me down one by one
I'll sing if you tell me to sing
i'll jump if you tell me to

Use me
and abuse me
bend me to your will
break me
remake me
use me for a thrill

An addict in truest form
My desire's like a hunger for you
my heart takes you in for it's needs
Till there's none left for others to do

Use me
and abuse me
bend me to your will
break me
remake me
use me for a thrill
You're keeping me going
You're keeping me sane
Injecting yourself into my willing veins
I'm your servant
I am your host
You're the chemical I need the most

Delight & Danger

Written By: Chris Michael

In a crowded room
like a crowded stage
faces painted just like dolls out on display
a quiet apprehension hangs in the air
for those who seek that someone
with enough love to spare

But then I hear through the haze of all these sounds
A voice just like a sirens song that lifts me from the ground

Save me
break me from the spell that I am under
It's hard to tell what's wrong or right
in the absence of a guiding light
She's delight and danger
Delight and danger wrapped in white

I move in and take a breath of fresh air
there's little room between us
but enough for us to share
You're a temptress
You're different from the rest
As if the gods made you in clear perfection
To put you to the test

Then she said "I can see into your soul"
"You think that you can tame me, but your heart is far from whole"

As You Fell

Written By: Chris Michael

Speak to me
of the days of old
before your body slithered
before your blood ran cold
remembering the ages
forgotten times of joy
before you sold your soul
to aid the devils ploy

You crumbled apart
And I was never there
to catch you as you fell

Whats the cost of your success
how are you unlike the rest
You've thrown away yourself to gain a throne
And the passion that was in your eyes
smolders like the flames inside
you were warm
you were perfect when I knew you

Constantine (Look Before You Leap)

Written By: Chris Michael & Dan Castillo

Set aside a thought that there is anything we cannot do
tomorrow's a new day
Open up go out and thrive among the very best of you
We'll follow, our own way

We never had to look before we leaped
The dreams that we conceived were in our sleep
The truest thoughts we had were make believe
Imagining the highest peak

See the past and learn that we can always take another path
No future is certain
Read between the lines and see it takes a different kind of math
This chain can be broken

No future is certain
That much is clear
With open mind see past the fear

I'll Find You There

Written By: Chris Michael

We used to run through the night with the stars in our eyes
Only drifting to sleep as the sun would rise
And from there we'd awake just as fearless as ever before
So we'd go forth, never looking back from what we ran toward
Charging on, invincible
Feeling like we'd never feel the sting of change
But it's strange just how quickly clouds form
dousing light and out with it the warmth
How will you find your way back home
If all our stars are unexposed

You know I'd go where ever you may roam
But you've gone to a place where I can't follow

So I'll stop
And take a step back
The virtue of patience
Is one that I lack
What would I give to stay by your side
Give me some conditions by which to abide
How can I still walk down this path
knowing that it won't bring you back

You know I'd go where ever you may roam
But you've gone to a place where I can't follow
But I know I'll find you there
I know I'll see you soon


"Pictures In Sound" (Eponymous debut E.P. released October 28, 2011)

Break Thru Radio "All Access" program: "Chemicals", "Constantine", and "Delight & Danger" in regular rotation.

"Chemicals" featured on "Escaping the Ordinary Volume: 2" Compilation alongside Dredg, Psychic Babble (feat: Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive), Fair to Midland, Dead Letter Circus, Beta State, and more.

"Constantine" featured on Escaping The Ordinary Vol 3- with Thursday, Dredg, Fair To Midland, Caspian, and more tba.

Track (TBD) commissioned for exclusive release on Escaping The Ordinary: Volume 4.

Set List

Before The Storm [Instrumental]
Delight & Danger
I'll Find You There
New Bridge
Before the Fall [Instrumental]
As You Fell
Paper Boats
Constantine (Look Before You Leap)