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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pic Vicious"

When was the last time the adjectives disturbing, dark? and addicting? were used to describe something you should be into? The sound is electronic and eclectic hip-hop-esque. It is no J.K. Rowling, but Pic Vicious tracks are tantalizing and tasty.
Dont let the clown make-up scare you off Pic has been writing and rapping since the early nineties, and it looks as though he is looking to switch it up a bit. Pic has recorded and performed for years with the group Illadapted. The hype-girl Letta V is part of the duo, and adds her talent and clownish sex appeal to the show.
Pic Vicious had recorded an EP, but they will be releasing their first full-length album in the fall of 2008.

Published on Fri, 11 Apr 2008 22:46:33
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"Pic Vicious"

Pic Vicious-Systematik

I just reviewed The Living Legends and I guess I'm already in the mood for underground hip-hop.
Already an established rapper frontsman for Illadapted, Pic, aka Pic Vicious has decided to concentrate more on his solo material. It would seem that he also has a sidekick woman in his group, which I believe her name is Letta V.
"Systematik" features Letta V completing lyrics to Pic to some computer noises and beeps. If they both perform with clown makeup, it should be a very interesting and fun show. Unfortunately, I didn't notice any live tour dates on their myspace.
If you like what you heard, you should contact them and add them on myspace.
04/08/2008 20:45:04

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"Pic Vicious: L.A. Dreamer"

Lurking in our latest Southern California musical carousel comes Pic Vicious, a sinister local duo backed by the synth beats of Devcon Industries, and whom have roots in the local hip-hop scene.
We definitely have a few select electro-favorites in the LA area, and Pic Vicious have vaulted to the top. The sound on L.A. Dreamer contains the raw 80’s inspired energy of the Bay area’s Von Iva, and the soul and passion of LA local Sam Sparro. You might also hear some similar vocal patterns of a luminary from the 80s in this track, but that’s entirely for you to place.
We believe Pic Vicious are currently working on a debut album, as they have several tracks up on their social site that we can’t seem to find on sale anywhere. We also noticed that those who’ve heard the tracks seem to be clamoring to get their hands on them, so… from the sound and look of things, their forthcoming release should prove to be quite promising!
A video for another new track, ‘Systematik’, directed by Craig Proffitt was released earlier this month, and can be found farther down on this page below the player.
For the latest SoCal session including Pic Vicious, click on this link brother! [cs]

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Foreign Amerikan - Full Length Debut - Fall 2008
Welcome to the Clown Show EP - 2007
1st single SYSTEMATIK received online airplay along with a story-like music video. Current single LA DREAMER has been rapidly gaining love and support from all over the world via an active myspace, online radio support, blog write ups and hyper-active promotional support from team Mirror Box and Devcon Industries.

Systematik music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aqOrXMHBE0



Started by Pic, former-full time MC from Hip Hop outfit Illadapted, Pic Vicious, a la Pic and hype-girl Letta V, bring a unique energy and a vaudevillian look to the world of hybrids and electro fusion. Blended together with the heavy-wave synth sounds of power-producer Devcon, the result is a tasty display of the familiar and the intriguing unknown. Comparisons range from 80’s Bowie to Gorillaz to Outkast to the B-52’s.

Music, pics, & info at www.myspace.com/picvicious

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