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Pidgin Band

Norman, Oklahoma, United States

Norman, Oklahoma, United States
Band Alternative Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Doin the Pidgin"

Judging from the muffled horn blasts and sultry guitar riffs recently popping from behind the walls and doors of Norman concert venues, one might think that Parliament-Funkadelic has taken residence there. It hasn’t, but the true culprit is rather convincing.
It hasn’t, but the true culprit is rather convincing: seven white dudes getting down on bongos and bass guitars with the sass of Foxy Brown. It’s infectious, as Norman’s own Pidgin Band and its fans would attest.

“It’s like a total party,” said founder and trumpet player Marcus Spitz. “People everywhere just dancing and having fun.”

Baritone saxophone player Eric Walschap added, “We haven’t had a show where people weren’t up, moving around and enjoying themselves. It’s impossible to stay still.”

The group got its start early last year when Spitz jammed with some friends and a few players around town. Everyone’s admiration and excitement got the ball rolling on the act, which played just its second show at none other than the Norman Music Festival.

Pidgin Band’s music comes as a fusion of a genres, including Afrobeat, jazz, funk and psychedelia. Those elements glued together, thanks in part to the eclectic arrangement of seven musicians that first came as a challenge, but now serves as a strength.

“It was tough at the beginning,” Spitz said. “Planning practices and clearing shows with everybody can be exhausting, but it’s worth it. It makes the music a lot tighter.”

Added Walschap, “We’ve learned to play off each other’s strengths, and often an entire song can be built from the ground up, based on a single line that just one of us came up with.”

Those seven lines of funk are addictive for locals grown accustom to dusty country ballads; it’s a blast to the past, and everyone seems to be joining.

“I’ve seen nothing but positive reactions from all of our shows,” Walschap said. “People seem to genuinely love the music. As soon as we start playing, everyone stands up and crowds the front. It’s intense.”

What began with a simple purpose has steadily grown over the course of the year, however, as fans react with vigor, and the guys of Pidgin Band have the night of their lives with each passing set.

“All I really wanted was to just get a group of friends together and try and jam on some Afrobeat, but we love this music and we love our fans. We’re constantly writing new material and hope to share it with the whole world,” Spitz said.

Playing Thursday at Coach’s Brewhouse in Norman, the group hasn’t toured heavily but did make it out to Los Angeles to play a show at The Mint with its California buddy, The Muddy Reds. The spark Pidgin Band got from the audience might be the one that pushes it out of its nest at some point.

“The reactions from the crowd and bands made us realize that we could be big outside of Oklahoma if we gave it a shot,” Walschap said. “Oh, and I got Jake Busey’s telephone number … holla.”
- Oklahoma Gazette

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Hailing praise to the past, Pidgin Band plays a unique mix of instrumental driven afrobeat music. The heavy rhythm section fuels the intricate horn lines with a mix of latin, soul, and jazz. The 7 piece plays off each other’s eclectic styles, to add to the hodge-podge that culminates in interesting and unique ways. They are currently on a west coast tour w/ dates in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque. They are also currently working on their first studio album. It is expected to be completed in late September. -


Live 4 song video set w/ "OUTV - The Set"
Live EP



Pidgin is defined as a mixing of two languages. In Hawaii they have a mixed language that they speak, as well as in New Orleans (creole). Nigeria uses a form of english that is known as "Pidgin English" or "Broken English". When the group first started playing together, the variety of styles was immediately present. Try as they might to stick to traditional afrobeat styles, they soon 'let go of the reigns' and let Pidgin Band explore the unknown. So with this mixture of styles rooted in afrobeat, Pidgin Band was able to hit the streets.

After a plethora of shows, a small tour, and a live video shoot, the band has settled into a unique sounding group with its roots in afrobeat but carrying on much further. You can expect madness at a Pidgin Band show, a rhythm section that chugs like a speeding locomotive, and a guitar section that is able to switch from cog in the machine to psychedelic bliss in a heartbeat. Horns that rip through, and a low end that will shake your precious whiskey & coke.