New York City, New York, USA

At the tail end of an unusually spirited night in 1967, the Velvet Underground and the Beatles participated in a massive trans-atlantic orgy. After an abnormally long gestation period of close to 40 years, Dr. David Byrne delivered Pieces, a healthy baby, in 2005.


We are a somewhat contradictory band. We sing three-part harmonies, but we also make noise and yell. Our sparse lineup might suggest a straightforward sound, but we like polychords as much as we like pop hooks, and our danciest beats sometimes give way to more difficult rhythms. But while this all may sound erratic, we are also diligent and obsessed songwriters with a great deal of passion for composition, lyrics, and craft.

Our deepest roots are in the Velvet Underground, Television, the Pixies, the Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, and the Kinks. But we are also avid listeners of avant-garde concert music, folk guitarists like Nick Drake, honky-tonk, and Afrobeat, not to mention more experimental rock outfits like Sonic Youth, Boredoms, and Deerhoof.


Rainy Day People LP

Set List

We are very flexible about our set lists. While we typically play 30 minute sets, we have no problem playing two three-minute songs or playing for over an hour. We rarely play covers, but we have covered Pavement, the Pixies, and Webb Pierce in the past.